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Here’s a secret: I loved the Zombie Apocalypse. Probably because I was mostly fooling around at that point. My mage was at 70 and pvp geared out. My druid was leveling along merrily and I just wasn’t into other alts at that point. I was excited about Wrath coming out soon and the leadup events were the most fun I’d had in WoW so far. See, I wasn’t around for the Opening of AQ. This was my first big world event. I went out and killed cultists merrily and when the zombies started running around – oh my, that was fun! It was even fun being a zombie and going around nomming people.

I even had a narrow escape, just barely hopping on a flight point in Darkshire before they got my brains… oh, that was fun. I know a lot of people complained and yes, I can see why, but I loved the whole thing. It helped that as part of our own little “so what’s this Lich King thing about anyway?” Reversion had bought me a copy of WC3 so I could play through the lore. (Secret fact: I kind of suck at RTS games. Civ 3 is more my style. Even in Sims my people tend to all start burning down the house at once.)

So I’m totally thrilled that this time it looks like we’re getting even more immersion, more world events – man. My mage can’t wait to help retake Gnomeraggon for her kin. She’s also hoping there might be a pet. My druid wants to whack cultists over the head. I’m loving WoW right now – we avoid major WoW burnout by catering to minor burnout days/weeks whenever they come up. No official raiding schedule means when we want a night off, we get it – but I’m excited about the changes too…

I just hope Cataclysm releases at a good time for us. Reversion is going to save some vacation days for a Wowcation, my brother is hoping to ditch school and come visit us (good timing for him, he’s certain to be back from Iraq before it releases) – heck by then Nomster might be at “sit in the high chair and color while Mommy slaughters things” stage. But I’m excited for the whole thing, not just the “yay Wrath is over” but the whole big world changing events. Can’t wait to see what Blizz has planned for us.

High priority in Cata, besides fast leveling my main, slow leveling my alts, and staying raid capable? Race change for my Draeni priest. She’s going to be a gnome! Yay!


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