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Tomorrow we get our stats back

I admit it. I am a stats junky. I like to check them and see how we are doing. It is also fun to look at the per post break down and see what sorts of things people are most interested in.

When we started the blog of course the stats were nothing. Mostly just the hits from times we looked at our own page when we were not logged in. Slowly people started finding us. Analogue commented on other blogs and pimped us around a few forums. The numbers started coming up. We got a couple vaguely interesting posts out there and we started seeing a few dozen hits a day…. Ya! We started our blog in February and I the first month managed 127 hits. Yaa! Then someone somewhat popular posted something about us. Sadly I don’t recall who. This made a nice spike. But then tragically the numbers fell back down a day or two later. But they came down and settled at a higher average than before. And again and again. Then one day I posted a comic in response to a Big Bear Butt post and we got a ‘huge’ hit. Hundreds. It was great.

Some time a few weeks later we woke up and were famous. Well not really, but Wow.com linked a post Analogue made and we hit over a thousand pings. The next day it broke 5k. There is something deliciously narcissistic about that. Something perhaps only fellow bloggers can understand. The tragic thing was that the two days after the number was much lower and 3 days after it was back to ‘normal’. Only now normal was twice as big as before. But this is the problem. You see compared to the ‘spike’ our normal numbers are way smaller. So on the wordpress.com stats graph it looks pathetic. L

After a while I was really looking forward to that spike being more than 60 days old. That way it would ‘fall’ off the left side of our daily stats chart and then puny normal numbers would jump up to the top and look good again. Just as this was about to happen we got linked by them again!

This spike was shaping up to be bigger than ever except that the next day Bliz broke their folly of Real ID on the forums. The fall out of that cut our spike short as everyone’s attention was distracted.

And here we are almost 60 days later. Tomorrow is the day that it will have been long enough that our last ‘wow.com spike’ will fall off the graph. Yaa! Numbers which look big again! And they sort of are. We usually get more in a day than our whole first month.


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