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Stat Inflation

So I’ve been wondering how Blizzard would solve the gear inflation issue – current players have insane gear compared to what future levelers will have. But just glancing at the jewelcrafting info that’s been datamined, it looks like they’re going for the “instantly blow past old epics” method. The new lowest level gems, the common green ones, will be twice as good as our current epic gems! If that follows for all gear – and it looks like it does – you’ll upgrade from your Northrend gear the same way you swap out your rag-tag old world stuff when you first hit BC: do a handful of easy quests in the first zone, get greens, profit.

Northrend ore and jewels are essentially worthless the day Cataclysm drops, until they get scarce enough that you can sell them to profession levelers. I might have to go stock up on some BC and Vanilla ore though to sell when the expansion drops… there’s always folks looking to change professions…

WTB beta invite…

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