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Whew, not much content this week. Too much real life, if “real life” means “first the baby gets the plague and then we all get it and then my sister came to visit for the weekend”. At least we’re feeling better now.

Raided some Friday night. Took my paladin to tank ICC again along with Reversion. It was fun tanking with him, he could coach me through the fights. Went with a random group of guildies that wanted a ten man run for alts, so we did great; knocked down the first four without a hitch, then cleared the plague wing. We wiped on Putricide and it was my fault; I did fine with phase one, moved Putricide like I was told for phase two – and then just as phase three started, I disconnected hard. Reversion tried to take over for me but by the time I got back in too many people were dead, including me – I was in green slime before I got back in, apparently – and we wiped. Came back, killed the professor, went and wiped three times before we got Dreamwalker down. I picked up some nice loot for my paladin along the way – huzzah for a tanking shield! And off heroic gunship to boot!

Reversion went back Saturday night and did the blood wing but I didn’t go; between feeling sick and having my sister around, I wasn’t in the mood. Instead my sister and I watched 2012 and drank margaritas. A good combo, if you like truly terrible disaster movies with great special effects. You kind of need to like margaritas though because they made the plot a lot less awful.

Analogue got the short end of things this week. I really wanted to do some healing with her, but by monday night the only people who hadn’t done ICC were scrubs. I got Marrowgar, the weekly boss, down, but the raid fell apart after that.

Analogue is at sort of a weird place. She doesn’t really need any frost loot. Well, she could get the boots and pants made for her but I’ve got solid gear. I need to get her more progressed in ICC but I’m certainly geared for it.

Starting to think about Cataclysm and what I want to do there. Ana’s probably going to be my main this expansion. She took over that role halfway through WotLK and I love druid healing. Even if my tree form is going away. Sad 😦 Might race change her to Worgen though, I don’t know. I do know I want to race change my draeni priest to a gnome priest. I love gnomes. And I hate draeni on elekks. It looks dumb. I like gnomes on elekks! My mage has a battle elekk that she rides around, looking like Toomba of the Elephants.

And one of these days I need to find a shaman I can live with. I want all four healing classes at max level, ready to heal. I really love healing and want to see all sides of it. I’m at 70 with my priest; my paladin’s healing set is good for most heroics now; and of course Ana is geared out her ears. So it’s just shaman I’m missing. I wish worgen could be shaman. That would be so awesome.


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