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Last night I took my new pally tank on a badge farming  run with two other  newly 80 alts in the guild; a mage whose main is a priest and a priest whose main is a prot pally. None of us were very geared (well, mine is getting there) and we had a blast, ran about 8 instances and had a ball.

Toward the end, the priest who is a prot pally go in Vent and started chatting with me. He remarked how easy I was to heal and that he was trying hard not to bubble me since I get mana back from direct heals, and then we chatted about prot pally spec and techniques. He looked over my talents, said that they were not quite cookie-cutter but he could see why I’d used the build I did, and then suggested a few changes and exactly why I’d benefit. We ended up talking for a while. Reversion got into the action when we started comparing pally and druid tanking, and it was a great conversation. I ended up re-speccing slightly, changing some of my gearing priorities, and coming away with an even better understanding of paladins.

Mentoring discussions like that are great helps to those of us with alts, who know how to play WoW but are new to a class. And they’re fun when we’re on the teaching end too. It can be hard to give advice to a guildie or random pugger, but when you find someone who wants to learn, give them the benefit of your experience.  My paladin is pulling over 2k dps in most heroics right now, and my gear score is still “low” for today’s standards. I’m hoping to find a group that will let me off-tank Patchwerk for this week’s raid quest and thanks to my guildmate, I’m even more prepared now.


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Almost There…

Divergent is now 78 and a bit. 80 is within sight. I am going to have to make a concerted effort to finish leveling her. Bought some made requires-level-78 tanky pieces, and will splurge more as needed. My goal with her is to tank heroics and the occasional old raid (Naxx etc). I’d like to get the experience but I’m not sure I’ll get her ICC geared. I’ve already got Analogue for the fresh content, and I like healing a lot better than tanking. Not to say tanking isn’t fun! But I know the reason why I am enjoying it is that I enjoy the paladin mechanisms. Hit things with giant hammers made of light? Yes, please.

Still, watch out battlegroup! There’s a new heroic tank about to launch…

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