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So last night Reversion and I got on our level 80 SAN alts – my pally, his druid – and ran a few randoms for badges; I need the heirloom bow for a hunter I want to roll. We queued up. The second heroic we got was DTK. Our DPS were a shaman, a hunter, and a dk. Right off the bat, the hunter pulls. I pick up the aggro, figuring it could have been a tab target issue. We kill things, finish buffing, start down the hallway.

Then the hunter and DK start speaking in tongues not even a Pentecostal would recognize. Took us a couple phrases to decide that no, they were not speaking another language. We noted the pair was from the same server but different guilds, shrugged, and played along, throwing some random Japanese and a few nonsense words out there. Trollgore died, we went upstairs. I notice the hunter isn’t following us as we move toward the summoner boss. Who cares; things are dying fast and I’m starting to suspect this guy is fooling with us.

“Skip this” the dk says as we enter the summoner’s room. First time I’ve ever been asked to skip that boss. We ignore him, the shaman triggers the boss by running past him, and we kill him down. The hunter rejoined us at some point. We proceed.

“Skip this one,” the hunter asks as we near King Dred.

“We’re here for badges,” we explain, and I pull raptors.

“Fine,” he snits. “You kill him. [dk] come over here.”

They proceed to go hide in a corner. The shaman says nothing – and pops Heroism as soon as we pull the boss. Awesome.

I notice that the hunter is now displaying his Kingslayer title. As expected, this is a Big Raider here for Frost badges and nothing else. Ah well, who cares.

On the upper landing, he starts pulling trash. I try to let him get killed but the shaman, who I’m not resentful of, keeps dpsing and pulling aggro. So I kill things. Then he runs down to the end of the hall, shoots a couple. We’re well clear and I’m going to let him eat a few hits – but the mobs start running right for Reversion, who is healing. Yup. He misdirected to the healer.

I easily pick up aggro. He and his dk bud are upstairs already. “[Shaman] don’t get aggro,” I say, as the dk dies. I keep trying to kick the hunter.  First, I still had time to go (This was annoying, I’d have sworn that I was one of the sort of people who rarely kicks and should get insta-kick rights!). Then it kept being too soon after combat.

The DK released and was running back; I’m pretty sure he didn’t expect a rez. The hunter, meanwhile, engaged the boss while the rest of us stood around well away. He must have fake died and reset it, because the boss stopped talking and the hunter wasn’t dead.

Finally, there it was, the vote kick option. “The vote to kick [Huntard] has passed,” my screen said, and I declined to pick up another person.

“[DK], you going to play nice or should we three man this?” Reversion asked.

“I’ll be good,” he promised, and since he was already back, we went ahead and took out the boss.

“[Hunter] is my rl friend but I’ll tell him he’s an a**hole,” the DK added after we finished the boss.

We shared a laugh and told the DK he was ok even if his friend wasn’t. The whole thing put a smile on my face. That hunter was back in the queue to get his frost badges, due for another 15 minute wait because he could not be civil for one fast dungeon run.

And I had a decent start toward that heirloom bow.


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