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Edit – According to MMOChampion we aren’t getting 4.1 this week. maybe next week. But I still think the server flakiness is related. I think we’re close and anything you need to do pre-patch, do now. Don’t know what that would be. Read up on the changes, don’t invest heavily in ore, try to figure out a clever way to tell ZA and ZG apart.

Tonight, we’ve had Server restarts. Lag spikes. And just now I checked my iPad apps and the Blizzard armory app wanted to be updated. I did – and it starts talking about the guild chat feature that’s just been added. Rumored for a while, now it exists. It doesn’t work yet, at least not for my server ( the message said not enabled for my server) but it’s there.

I’d say there’s a greater than 90% chance that patch 4.1 drops tomorrow. If so…. Get ready for the usual patch day annoyances and then meet me in ZG. I’ve got trolls to kill.


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