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Orphan Achievements, done. Got the EotS flag cap last night. Approximate the Hunter and Invariant the Mage ventured in. Approx got his cap in the first bg; the Alliance played pretty well and we always had at least two bases and usually the flag. He actually then managed to get the flag and bring it to me twice; the first time I managed to hit Ice Block instead of clicking the flag (don’t ask) and the second time it bugged and wouldn’t cap. With only 8 seconds to go we didn’t have time to try anything else.

The next two EotS were utter fail; in one we agreed on a strategy but couldn’t accomplish it. There was a really skilled shaman who kept knocking our offense off the cliff to our death.

Finally we got a group of Alliance that knew what they were doing. I tried to get the flag several times but just died; my lousy pvp gear and fire spec give me the survivability of a snowball in hell. I went on defense and kept watch at the Draeni Ruins and Approximate ran the flag; he dropped it just outside the cap point, I picked it up and scored. Some of the others in the bg were confused about what he had done so he explained he had to get the achievement for his wife and had a couple “aww, that’s nice” type comments. And one “Darn it, I’m going to have to burn badges and get an entire pvp set just for this one achievement” comment. I don’t think that guy was having fun.

In summary, bring a friend or three with you. Let whoever is most durable and has the most tricks run the flag, while the others watch his back, and get that thing done. It took me a total of 7 EotS bgs to do; 1 AB, 1 WG, 4 AVs. Not too bad at all. Barely enough honor for one piece of gear. It was annoying while doing it at times but not as bad as I’d feared.

After that we went to Stormwind, turned in our orphans, and then headed to Shattrath to look after a cute like Draeni girl who has a great destiny. Wonder if we’ll see her again sometime? Apparently these underprivileged youths have a surplus of pets, because they gave us one. Of course Invariant has 63 noncombat pets right now so it’s not like she needed another but hey, that’s two closer to the Pet Fawn!


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