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I’m not the only one who encountered a bug yesterday when going to help out the druids of the Talon: the guy who was supposed to clear a path through the flame never arrived. I stared at the flame, wondering. Nope, can’t walk through it on my own and even if I chain-die, will it do me any good?

Note: Be on the quest when you’re doing this! I don’t know if you can get the other dailies without doing this one, or not.

Ado showed me a path through the flames. You start over on the right and look for the line of lava on the ground. Follow it up to a little hill on the extreme right. Wait there and heal and damage you took. Then follow the lava you can see from there to the next safe spot. From that safe spot, there’s a path through the flames. It’s hard to see but to your left there’s a gap.

Or die and corpse jump. It doesn’t matter, just get to the area in the middle where there’s no fire and a big elemental. Heal up. Kill the elemental. He’ll do his thing and knock you into the caverns and you get credit for finishing the quest. Continue doing your dailies like normal. And when you’re done the flames will be clear so you can get back out without dying.

I hope Blizzard fixes this but for now you CAN get your extra marks, fellow Druid-fans. And you did go Druid of the Talon, right? Because they’re so much cooler than those Warden people. (Just kidding. My mage is doing that set right now).


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