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Dino Tam has his work cut out for him.

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Tragic Dilemma


DinoTam here. I have been getting a lot of negative criticism about what others see as a ‘carefree’ life style. It is readily apparent that others simply do not understand me and the agonizing dilemmas with which I contemplate every day. Far from carefree, I find myself torn between enticing opportunities which constantly contend for my industry.

To better help the ignorant masses I have commissioned this work of art to capture the essence of what it is to be me. I hardly imagine it can succeed to communicate such depths to you but perhaps you may get some glimpse into my soul. I doubt it.


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Guest Post: DinoTam

Greetings. Had this bear here do a portrait of me. Here I am relaxing in my den. It is more refined than a sunny rock though far less satisfying. I am not sure it captured my best side. I might have to pay him a visit later.

I mean REALLY… How can one be expected to sneak up and retain the element of surprise with ‘tropical breeze’ wafting off one’s hide. Intolerable I must say.

All this stress of poetry and what not. Really a bore. Still, that hunter that follows me around seems to enjoy it. Too bad she does not give him scales as much attention. I will have to let her know my displeasure.


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