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I love conventions. The fun of being surrounded by thousands of slightly-smelly people with the same obsession that you cherish, for a whole weekend. Knowing you can turn around and carry out a conversation with a perfect stranger that would be unintelligible to anyone not in the know. The wild costumes, the excitement, the swag…

Well, we’re not going to Blizzcon. Didn’t even consider it. We’ve got an eighteen month old daughter, jobs, no vacation time to think of, we’re on the other side of the country… wasn’t going to happen. So we did the Next Best Thing ™ and bought the live feed

(No, it wasn’t just for the pet. She says. That was just a happy… side effect. Yeah)

So this weekend it’s WoW, Blizzcon feeds, beer or margaritas, and the chance to virtually be there. My brother’s coming to town to visit and hang with us, and my mom’s tagging along so I can even ignore Nomster if there’s a particularly good panel on 😀

Yeah, it’s not as fun as being there. But we don’t have to stand in line, and we can watch the panels AND visit innkeepers every hour on the hour checking for a Hallowed Helm drop….



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