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Comic Contest!

That is right, a contest! We are lining up some prizes and we are going to have you make your own ‘Corporate Raider’ style comic. The ones we like best win… er I mean the comics win. It is not like we will give out prizes  based on popularity. We are all impartialastic or whatever. Kinda.

So how does it work? Just make a comic.


If you can’t master my incredibly complex and inspired technique of ‘scribbles on a whiteboard’ then you can use on of the templates I posted below. There are two different ones at two resolutions each. You can always make speech bubbles in MS paint if you don’t have anything else. Or, if you are more artistic and junk like that you can draw your own. Oh, or feel free to photoshop any of my old comics. You can use multi panel style or the single picture style of comic. Whatever works. I find sticking to 3 frames or 1 static image is usually best. If you need more to tell a joke it often falls flat. We look forward to seeing what you come up with (all five people that read this site).


Oh, and the theme of your comics should of course be WOW and IRL work. It does not matter if it is corporate, retail, service, homemaking, politics (ew), volunteerism, or the military. Whatever someone might do as a vocation/work is fair game.


Submit your comic by emailing L4M.blog@gmail or else posting it on your own blog and sending us a link. Submission of an image/idea is take as permission to post it here blahblahlawyerblah. You get the idea.

We will let this run a week or so… or until we get enough entries to actually judge something. If we get too few I will just make a fake email account when Analogue is not looking and judge myself the winner. Muwahahahaaa!


What? You want loot? What is wrong with just basking in the reflected adulations of our adoring throngs? Yeah I thought not. We have a winged lion for first place! In addition we have a few CCG pets, XT and a Night Saber Cub. Who gets what will depend on how many entries we have and such. I am thinking 2nd gets their pick and 3 gets what is left… unless we only have two entries and then Analogue is likely to swipe the prizes ;D

Note: if first place winner does not want a winged lion, they can choose one of the other pets, either a Blizzard Store pet or get first pick from the XT and Night Saber Cub cards. Codes to redeem your prize will be mailed to you so please use an email you actually check!


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