This guide is really so my handy reference document is easily accessible to me. You might find it useful. most of it is ripped off of WOWhead.

Thundering Pandaren Spirit –
flayer, grasshopper, strider. Start with humanoid, wait for the rodent to be first, rampage, reflect the first move of the elemental, swap to strider. Strider versus El, pump, then rain, then spray, then pump. Grasshopper versus the beast, use cocoon when he shields (will dive next).
elemental – use aquatic
critter – use beast
beast – use mechanic

Whispering Pandaren Spirit –
Hopping, water wavering (with aquatic moves) and baby ape, start with hopping. que until you get the dragon.
dragonkin – use humanoid
critter – use beast
elemental – use aquatic

Burning Pandaren Spirit –
kunli runt, whisp, strider – , set the runt for all ‘B’ moves, wait for the dragon to be first
dragonkin – use humanoid
elemental – use aquatic
flying – use magic

Flowing Pandaren Spirit –
kunli runt, eagle, strider. Start with the runt set for all A moves ( don’t use fly up on the fish for 2 rounds). dodge stuff,
aquatic – use flying
critter – use beast

elemental – use aquatic

Stone Cold Trixxy – Winterspring (66,65) – level 19 pets – flying, dragonkin, beast

Eastern Kingdoms:
Lydia Accoste – Deadwind Pass (40,77) – level 19 pets – undead, undead, elemental

Bloodknight Antari – Shadowmoon Valley (31,42) – level 24 pets – dragonkin, magic, elemental

Major Payne – Icecrown (77,20) – level 25 pets – beast, mechanical, elemental

Obalis – Uldum (57,42) – level 25 pets – beast, flying, critter

Pandaria: lvl 25
Hyuna of the Shrines – Jade Forest (48,54) – aquatic, beast, flying
Farmer Nishi – Valley of the Four Winds (46,44) – beast, elemental, elemental
Wastewalker Shu – Dread Wastes (55,38) – aquatic, beast, elemental
Courageous Yon – Kun Lai Summit (36,74) – flying, critter, beast
Seeker Zusshi – Townlong Steppes (36,52) –  elemental, critter, aquatic
Mo’ruk – Krasarang Wilds (62,45) –  flying, aquatic, beast
Aki the Chosen – Vale of Eternal Blossoms (68,41) –  critter, dragonkin, aquatic

Darkmoon Faire Tamer:
Jeremy Feasel – across from tonk challenge – level 25 pets – magic, mechanical, beast


Aki the Chosen strat: Flayer younging first, wait for the grasshopper to lead, one hit of blitz,  then ravage. when the dagon comes out, reflect then blitz until dead. use anything for your other two pets.




Don’t remind him


I did not find one that was easy to read. So made one. Enjoy.


It is Suspicious


Unbalanced play


World of pet battles

This expansion is great! Yeah, I know I have behind… We were moving. We still have not gotten the raid back up yet. We will see there… But in the mean time I have been doing pet battles. Lots of them. So far I am at 366ish pets. It is a good think they upped the cap because I was releasing them right and left in order to stay under 500. The only tameable one I was missing prior to Tuesday was the darn minifernal. I have tried server hopping and a early morning log-ins but so far nothing is working there.
For other pets I have used persistence and good luck plus lots of wowhead research. Of the new 5.1 pets I have 4. The mecha cat, the imp from molten core, the kunlai yeti runt and one other I am completely blanking on at the moment. Oh wait, I also snagged a harpy before I left for work this morning. So I have 5 of them. Have checked for a few others, without luck. I ran molten core and only the imp dropped. I tried to run BWL. I think the new abilities razorgore is suppose to have aren’t working yet. They were there, but they did not do a darn thing. I wiped a couple times, put in a ticket and left. Tonight I might try the other two raids. If anyone is wondering, the raid pets are BoP, but once you equip them they are cage-able.
So far I have 19 lvl 25 pets, obviously some from every family. I am working toward the uber trap you get for having 30 max levels.

I have been checking my progress on wowprogress and I have been holding steady at number 2 on the server. A week or so back I rolled a noob hordy and whispered the number 1 guy. Well I don’t think I will be passing him soon. He has around a hundred more pets than me. The only way for me to get there from here is with CCG pets and some holidays that aren’t any time soon (children’s week). I had a hard grind to get this far because I was not a pet collector before. I had pathetically few prior to the 5.0.

So next up I am thinking to start trading. A lot of folks trade on the forums and such. I will have to gather up a bunch and make a list. I will post it here when I am ready to start swapping. Hopefully my wife did not auction all those spares I sent her.