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12 Days of Battle Pets.

On the 12th day of winterfest my truelove gave to me:


12 old Raid pets

11 kinds of maggot

10 nut barrages

9 Striders pumping

8 cocooned moths

7 Reindeer leaping

6 Stormwind Rats

FI-IVE Dark-moon Pe-ets!

4 Pandaren Spirits

3 Rare Seagulls

2 Flayers flaying

And that blasted Minifernal! (I wish)

This guide is really so my handy reference document is easily accessible to me. You might find it useful. most of it is ripped off of WOWhead.

Thundering Pandaren Spirit –
flayer, grasshopper, strider. Start with humanoid, wait for the rodent to be first, rampage, reflect the first move of the elemental, swap to strider. Strider versus El, pump, then rain, then spray, then pump. Grasshopper versus the beast, use cocoon when he shields (will dive next).
elemental – use aquatic
critter – use beast
beast – use mechanic

Whispering Pandaren Spirit –
Hopping, water wavering (with aquatic moves) and baby ape, start with hopping. que until you get the dragon.
dragonkin – use humanoid
critter – use beast
elemental – use aquatic

Burning Pandaren Spirit –
kunli runt, whisp, strider – , set the runt for all ‘B’ moves, wait for the dragon to be first
dragonkin – use humanoid
elemental – use aquatic
flying – use magic

Flowing Pandaren Spirit –
kunli runt, eagle, strider. Start with the runt set for all A moves ( don’t use fly up on the fish for 2 rounds). dodge stuff,
aquatic – use flying
critter – use beast

elemental – use aquatic

Stone Cold Trixxy – Winterspring (66,65) – level 19 pets – flying, dragonkin, beast

Eastern Kingdoms:
Lydia Accoste – Deadwind Pass (40,77) – level 19 pets – undead, undead, elemental

Bloodknight Antari – Shadowmoon Valley (31,42) – level 24 pets – dragonkin, magic, elemental

Major Payne – Icecrown (77,20) – level 25 pets – beast, mechanical, elemental

Obalis – Uldum (57,42) – level 25 pets – beast, flying, critter

Pandaria: lvl 25
Hyuna of the Shrines – Jade Forest (48,54) – aquatic, beast, flying
Farmer Nishi – Valley of the Four Winds (46,44) – beast, elemental, elemental
Wastewalker Shu – Dread Wastes (55,38) – aquatic, beast, elemental
Courageous Yon – Kun Lai Summit (36,74) – flying, critter, beast
Seeker Zusshi – Townlong Steppes (36,52) –  elemental, critter, aquatic
Mo’ruk – Krasarang Wilds (62,45) –  flying, aquatic, beast
Aki the Chosen – Vale of Eternal Blossoms (68,41) –  critter, dragonkin, aquatic

Darkmoon Faire Tamer:
Jeremy Feasel – across from tonk challenge – level 25 pets – magic, mechanical, beast


Aki the Chosen strat: Flayer younging first, wait for the grasshopper to lead, one hit of blitz,  then ravage. when the dagon comes out, reflect then blitz until dead. use anything for your other two pets.



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