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Not Synonyms

Guild. Raid. Not synonyms.

Lots of blogs I read, they are. “Oh, we lost 3 of our core, we have to recruit new guildies”. “The officers decided on a new loot policy.”  “The raid master scheduled my off tank for the other raid so now we’re in trouble”. Guilds that have two or three raids tend to have an A team and a B team. The B team wants very much to be the A team, but they aren’t and they know it. Some guild officer tries to make sure all the raids run nice but you know, the progression raid has to have the support it needs…

In Crits and Giggles, we have officers, but anybody can start an event, or a raid, if they want to. Rev and I got nothing but support from Troutwort when we started our raid. He even sat down and helped me brainstorm who to invite for my initial roster.

Right now we have two (three? Is Ado an actual officer?) officers raiding with us. The other raid has two as well I think; their raid leader and his wife are officers. It doesn’t matter, and there’s no difference between the officer lead raid and our raid.

Recruitment is up to the raid leaders. If newcomers ask officers about the raids, they’re told who the raid leaders are and what the raid times are and to talk to us about it. Maybe they’re surprised when they don’t see any raids on the schedule – but four evenings a week there’s at least one full raid going.  We don’t recruit and we don’t have applications. If you want in, you convince Trout or someone else that you belong and they give you an invite.

For raids though, you get an invite. We had one new guildie a few months back announce to one of our officers that as soon as he was geared he was going to be raiding with my raid. She passed this news on to me. I was rather surprised since he’d never even spoken to me! Needless to say… he didn’t get invited. At the same time my raiders choose to raid with me. There’s a third guild run now, at the same time and nights as ours. It’s mostly the people from the Sunday/Monday run, on their alts, but there’s some other people who occasionally ran with us who have chosen to have a permanent slot with them. That’s their choice and I’m glad for them. The logistics of having another raid opposite mine give me headaches like you wouldn’t believe but – it’s the way things work. I don’t  own Friday nights. If we decided to start running on Sundays, that group would have nothing to complain about either.

Since the raid and the guild aren’t the same thing, we can bring people in from other guilds without stepping on anyone’s toes. Most of our raid used to be other guilds, I think! Ado ran with Scrubs even though he’d been in Crits and Giggles before that, Grom and Jhudora (and Locklynn, one of our fill ins) from Apathy, Slice and now Sorak from off server. Heck of the people who run with us regularly, only Kerick, Falahla and Sharelore were in Crits when we arrived. I’m very pleased that there are people who have chosen to join us for our raids. It’s a lot of fun and we’ve got a great group.

Does that mean Reversion and I don’t have accountability? There’s no officers to call us on it if we start causing loot drama or personality issues? Well, the raid itself holds us accountable. Any time someone is annoyed with us, they are free to speak up, or to stop raiding. Nobody is forced to stay in the raid or get kicked from the guild. That’s not how it works, thank goodness.

But Troutwort works to make sure the guild runs along smoothly, so if there are personality issues, someone brings it up to him and he gets to deal with that crap. Sort of an executive level check on people’s behavior.

This setup wouldn’t work for everyone. But it’s a great way to have a couple slightly hardcore raids in a casual guild. Wouldn’t work as well the other way around! It also lets us have raids with very very different raid culture. One can use loot council, the other just rolls. One could enforce “PG 13 in Vent”, the other be more relaxed.

Or, with the same guild culture, someone could come and start a rated battleground team! They’d have to work from the ground up, just like Rev and I did with our raid, but in Crits and Giggles anyone who wants to try to start something is welcome to. I love that!


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Going into Friday night I knew we had to hit Firelands fast and hard. We had a full raid that night – Grom was out all weekend but I’d already arranged for his spot to be covered. My tank and healer setup was all in order. And with luck we wouldn’t have lag.

We were  a bit slow getting started but after just under an hour of raid time, maybe 40 minutes of actual trash clearing, we were ready to start Shannox attempts.  Our first few attempts had the first dog almost dying before something happened to wipe the raid – usually Log, our Shannox tank, dropping, or someone getting stuck in a prism.

I kept an eye on the healing as we went. Kerick and I were pulling some insane numbers, some fights we were close to 14k HPS each and staying ok on mana. Jhudora, our shaman healer, was struggling to get her numbers up. I know HPS numbers aren’t very meaningful but you can tell that when the third healer’s numbers are well below the others, something’s up. I kept an eye on it and made a mental note to do some research on shaman heals later.

After an hour of attempts we were starting to look good, consistently getting the first dog down and then working on the second dog and Shannox simultaneously. We had a discussion during the raid – someone said she’d always seen the fight done by burning Shannox to almost 35% and then burning down the dog rather than splitting dps like we were doing.  But it doesn’t matter whether you burn one then the other or split damage and it works better for melee if they can stay on Shannox the whole time  rather than running after the dog.

We got to the point where I knew any pull could be our kill. It was closing in on two hours of attempts – three hours of raiding total. I had hoped we’d get him down a little faster but this was our first kill after all and we were still learning.

We had a good attempt going.  Log kited Shannox a long way. We headed back toward the entrance – and I see a pack of scorpions come running at us. No way we can handle this in the middle of what we’re doing. They aggro on Kerick and she dies but then they reset. I’m still not quite sure what happened there, whether Addoe fake died or what, but hey, the scorpions were gone and I had a brez with Kerick’s name on it. She got up, we caught up on heals – and then somehow, the boss was dead on the ground.

I must say the kill itself was almost anticlimactic. I was almost surprised that he was dead – that happens sometimes when healing, I don’t really notice the difference between 10% and 1% until boom, the boss is dead.

We got one crafting ember and one ember for Falahla’s staff so she is officially on the way to the legendary!

After that we went and played with spiders. I have to do some thinking about the spider fight. I’m wondering if maybe I should make the paladin go upstairs to play…

Saturday we had a bunch of our regulars out, so Kerick’s friend Sorak brought a rogue over to play and we invited all our sometimes-regulars and Bocat as well. The plan was to just clear a bunch of T11. We made pretty decent time in BWD, took about two hours. One Chimaeron wipe due to a “talk to the robot not the gnome in the cage” pull accident and I think three tries to kill Nefarion.

Then off to BOT. We managed a trash wipe from face pulling, oops. And we swapped a few people in and out depending on fights. There were a couple people who wanted a Cho’gall kill on an alt rather than their main, like Reversion wanted to get it on his hunter so one of the melee agreed to bring in his tank for that fight. Jhudora wanted to kill Cho’gall on her priest but was saved to the first three on her priest. So that added a little time to our adventures. It was getting late when we got to Cho’gall and I didn’t think we’d have time to do Al’Akir. But that was ok, we were having a great time.

With all the people swapping in and out the roles got kind of confused so one of the healers asked for a role check. Naturally this was time for some of us to misbehave. I selected “Tank”, Reversion selected “Healer” and Log picked “DPS” all at once.  then we had some silliness as I manually fixed the wrong roles.

When Log is right, he’s right. It doesn’t happen that often (kidding!) so let’s give him his dues.

A fun weekend of raiding. Here’s to getting another Firelands boss or two this weekend – as soon as I figure out the roster, sigh…. Sorak I want your rogue in all the time I just have to figure out how to make that happen…

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Drama is funny…

When it doesn’t involve you!

I got to be an on-the-sidelines popcorn muncher for a couple bits of drama this week and it really made me appreciate how our guild handles things. First, on Tuesday I took my paladin to the third guild raid, the one that’s trying to get off the ground. Counting my paladin, we had two healers and we really needed three, so Jhudora the raid leader went and found us a resto druid somewhere.

Three or so months ago, I was short a healer for our raid. We’d brought in a friend of Karius from her old guild to tank, and he suggested we invite a rather new guildie of his, Jhudora. I did and she fit in great right away. Then it turned out she lives in the same town as me. So when I convinced her to be a part of our raid group, I hoped she’d move over to our guild. It took a few weeks but she eventually did. Yay!

Now she was raid leading, on her other healer, the one that doesn’t raid with us. And bringing in another non-guildie healer that none of us knew. I inspected the druid; ok gear, good stats, and a respectable spec. The night before I’d run with a resto druid who had a 2/0/39 spec. I didn’t even know it was possible to put 39 points into resto.

Anyway this druid was really good, and we downed Magmaw, Omnom, Maloriak, and 4 winds and would have got Halfus but ran out of time. Jhudora invited the druid back for Thursday, and throughout the raid we’d made remarks about her being welcome to come to our guild, we’re always looking for good players.

At the time the druid said no, she couldn’t do that, she even knew some of her guildies in real life.

Wednesday afternoon I log on and the first thing I see in guild chat is someone’s achievement. The second thing I see is that druid saying “Grats”.

I ask what happened and she said her guild yelled at her for raiding with us and so she gquit. Now, I don’t know any details. But I do know that she had only killed Magmaw and Halfus before coming with us, had seen some Omnomtron, but nothing else. The guild she was in wasn’t very advanced at all. Did she blow off her guild to raid with us? Did she get saved to something she wanted down? No idea. But whoever handled the situation in her guild, did it wrong, because they lost a very skilled healer.

Then later that evening I’m hanging out doing archeology and I start getting whispers from a new guildie, someone we’ve been raiding with, wanting advice. He’d just run a low-level guildie through a dungeon and the other guildie was asking for more runs, and gold. I’m not an officer but I am the new guy’s raid leader so I guess he felt comfortable asking me. I told him not to give the gold over, and then let an officer know what was going on. That officer hopped in vent with me and the kid and got the story, made sure everything was ok, and let us know that it would get passed up the chain and dealt with. And that no, nobody ever had to give anyone else money.

Now, we’ve had guild drama. Bad guild drama, and recently. Several times people have been removed or /gquit in a huff due to drama.  But what I’ve seen is that the officers and our guild leader Troutwort are willing to take time and work on drama. They try really hard to be fair but when it comes down to following the stated rules or keeping a long term guildie, they follow the rules. Which to me is essential. If you don’t do that, you don’t have rules, you have anarchy.

Any group of more than one person will have drama at some point. The important thing is how you handle it. Crits handles it well. From what I’ve seen, most of the people we’ve lost permanently have been no major loss to the guild. The ones who leave that I wish wouldn’t go, end up coming back. And when other guilds in our orbit have drama, we have a way of absorbing their best and nicest players.

Crits has 450 members. A lot of that is alts; I think it’s a rule that you must have at least four alts to be in Crits. And there’s a lot of inactive members. But if there’s a raid going we often have 20 people online at a time. And even with all those people, I think we’ve had two bouts of drama in the 9 months or so that we’ve been over there. Not bad at all. Good job, Repgrind and Troutwort.

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Friday night we went straight for Bastion of Twilight, as planned. Logarithm’s still off playing Army Men so we brought the new tank who joined the guild last week, Sirius. He worked hard all week and got a lot more epics.

We started right on Cho’gall  – well, we had to kill trash first of course. But we started settling in to the fight. Everyone knew what they were doing. DPS switched to the adds, healers had a good balance.

We worked hard for two hours and then one attempt we got solidly into Phase 2. His health ticked down…. and down… and down. We started losing people. We called for the shaman to pop and keep killing him. He was at 1%…. then less…. then the last of us died. At .6%. That was a heartbreaker.

We did a few more tries that night but were getting sloppier so made the call to go to BWD and kill some farm bosses. We had a couple tries on Magmaw, then one shot Omnomtrom, then failed twice on Maloriak. It was pretty clear that the hard work on Cho’gall had made us tired and sloppy.

Next night, just before raid time I realized my third healer couldn’t come and we looked around for options. Kerick and I briefly discussed two healing it, but while I knew we could manage phase 1, I was really worried about phase 2. Fortunately we were able to get hold of Sharelore who runs with us a good bit. She agreed to bring her priest and we headed back.

This evening, our dps seemed even better but Sirius wasn’t surviving as well. After a good few wipes, we asked him to step out and brought in another guild tank. He did so pretty graciously and we got to work.

Things were a lot more stable with the new tank. He didn’t need as much healing and since he was a druid, his dps was pretty insane. He could even go cat when Reversion had the boss and get some real numbers in.

It took a few tries to settle in. Then we had an attempt that was working beautifully. Cho’gall was up on his throne calling eyeball adds. Our dps stunned and killed them. Our healers chained cooldowns. Both tanks took turns  using their Tranquilities. I died. Other people died.

Then Cho’gall died.

The achievement spam was awesome; not just the kills for all of us, but the guild achievement too!

We lined up for screenshots but none of mine seem to have saved. I don’t know what’s up with that.

For the rest of the night, we were on a high. Reversion stepped out and let Sirius come back and we went and one shot Maloriak, Atramedes and Chimaeron – technically Chimaeron was a two shot, but the first attempt, someone accidentally pulled before the robot came up. So I’m not counting that.

Everyone in the raid really stepped it up this week. Some of our dps added 4k to their average. Most everyone got new gear or used Ask Mr. Robot to optimize and it really showed. Our next progression is going to be Al’Akir; we went and tried him and got into phase 2 twice in our four attempts. I don’t think we’ll have as much trouble with this guy.

But anyway, after a lot of thought I’ve realized why I really like Cho’gall. It’s the best fight I’ve done this tier for emphasizing the the raid as a group. Chimaeron is about your healers being good. Other fights are about positioning. Omnomtrom is about DPS switching targets. Maloriak is all on the tanks. Halfus – well it’s a little different every week; the first minute is a healing check, then it’s a burn fight.

Cho’gall requires tanks to trade swaps perfectly, to keep the boss positioned right, and to handle adds that have to be very carefully placed. A good tank will use all his cooldowns many times on that fight.

Healers have to coordinate who heals whom, who runs around healing the raid during the adds phase and who stays with the melee. In Phase 2, stacking cooldowns is really important.

Ranged DPS have to switch to adds, burn them down, and get back to the boss. Slowing and killing the Blood of Cho’gall adds is absolutely key to the fight.

Melee really get to shine in phase 2 with the eyeball adds. A good melee-er can keep one stunned while he slaughters it. They can help a lot with the worshipping too, although we found a good trick this time; have the whole raid stack carefully and then set our fire mage just a little farther out. If he wasn’t mind controlled, his Blast Wave could break out the affected people instantly. It meant we really didn’t have to think about worshiping when the adds weren’t out.

And of course, everyone has to not stand in bad. I thought our raid is really good at this, and our Cho’gall attempts showed me that I’m right. We almost always went into phase 2 with most people at 10 or less corruption. The adds tank usually had the worst time with corruption because he’s flirting with those stupid puddles.

So, I really think this fight shone as an example of a really good raid fight. I hope we have a lot more like that in 4.2!

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So yesterday I spent most of the afternoon running around on my shaman in the Badlands, leveling her, while waiting for the refrigerator to get delivered. Reversion was raiding that evening – the Sunday/Monday night people have the worst luck with tanks and he keeps getting pulled in there – and while I was tempted to play with my DK (more on her later this week), after dinner I looked at guild XP and realized we were at 75%. Of Level 24. The raid would get 5-6 bosses down, no question…. but that wouldn’t get us to 25 that night.

Well, ok, my holy pally needed some gearing runs. So I whispered Repgrind and asked if she was interested. She was. I started asking in guild…. then reached for my phone and called my brother to tank.

We got a full guild group, and drew Vortex Pinnacle. Usually I like how fast that place goes; this time all I could see was the number of bosses we needed to kill to reach max level. Reversion and I compared notes; the ten man raid seemed to be contributing about 2% guild xp per kill, while our 5 man was contributing 1%. That seemed about right.

I wiped us on the final boss in VP when I didn’t cleanse Log’s debuff and left him stuck out in the middle of the electrical attack. Oops. I swear I didn’t see him marked by a debuff…

We came back, killed the boss. I asked for a couple minutes and then another go. We swapped out one dps for another, but Chan stuck around for more on his paladin even though I was rolling against him on offspec gear (both of us are building tank offsets).

Karius swapped for her spriest, and this time we got Blackrock Caverns. We ventured off… cleared the first set of trash, pulled the first boss, and died after too many adds came out and didn’t get dpsed down. Our group was a lot lighter on dps this time, having essentially three undergeared dpsers and an undergeared healer. Log was really carrying most of that group. We went back, discussed, and killed the boss. We proceeded through the instance, carefully pulling trash and paying attention to boss mechanics. No problems on Corla or the forgemaster guy. I suggested very strongly that we skip Beauty, so it was straight on to the end.

Then we paused to discuss who would kite the adds. Initially we decided to let the ret pally try. We set up, pulled, and gave it a good try, but the boss didn’t die and I went OOM. Came back, Repgrind offered to try kiting in her holy spec and throw down Lightwell to help with the healing. I liked that plan, so we gave it a try, but she couldn’t hold aggro against the DK tossing around Blood Boil. We came back again, no luck. Came back the fourth time, asked everyone to be really careful not to AOE, and this time, the boss died.

And…. the guild was at 94% XP.

Time to queue one more time, even though we were tired and Log was supposed to be studying for a test. This time we got Deadmines. Rep had switched back to her mage and Chan swapped for his boomkin so we could blow through this place. Meanwhile the raid was making great time on bosses and there was another full guild group running. Yes!

Our guildmaster signed on, first time I’d seen him all weekend, and someone told him to look at guild XP. He cheered for us.

We downed the first two bosses in Deadmines and were working on the third as the raid group went to Four Winds for a quick Council kill. Then this happened.

So when we wiped, we called it, and I logged onto Analogue to join the lion buying fest.

There were half a dozen or so of us outside the guild vendor store, so we decided on a parade!

We had lots of curious bystanders looking at us, dive bombing us, trying to join the parade on their lesser mounts, etc.

We’re not the first guild to 25 on our server but there’s maybe three others. Might only be one Alliance side, we’re not sure. So these lions aren’t common yet.

After parading slowly all through SW, we went outside for pictures

(We had people trying to interfere with our screen shots, hence the bad angle)

Quite a few folk in guild were on but couldn’t join because none of their toons have the rep with the guild. Including out GM!  Ooops. And yes, 1300 for these mounts is a bit silly but they are pretty darn cool looking and for guild pride, you can’t beat lions.

We’ve been in Crits and Giggles for about 8 months now and I’m so glad we came over. It’s a blast, whether we’re raiding or just parading around SW.

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Hey, Rev here.  I have not posted in a bit so I figured I should get some sort of update out. So I have been raiding 4 nights a week. Ug. Actually it is not too bad but it does blow a lot of nights out of the water. The other guild raid, the raid formerly known as ‘raid 1’, runs on Sundays and Mondays. There was an attempt at getting a third raid off the ground, opposite Analogue’s and my run on Friday Saturday but it looks like that might not be going on any more. I think the guild could support another raid but really mid week might work better for the people that want such a run.

Anyway, Raid 1 had been having some personnel swaps and ended up with a tanking hole. A few weekends back they asked me to fill in with ‘squishy bear’. Also known as Reciprocal, squishy bear is my other 85 druid tank. People ask why I have two 85 bears…. Well… I like them, heh. Reversion’s gear is looking pretty sweet (just 2 blues left) but Reciprocal is still lightly geared (all blue with a handful of purple). Fortunately for Raid 1 I knew the fights they were in so I did not have any issue stepping in with the spare bear.

So since then I have been getting roped in week after week. Trying to convince myself it was just as a fill-in until they get another tank… well it looks like a long term arraignment. I have had some disagreements with a person or two in that raid… but hey, we are raiders and raiders know when to buckle down to business and ignore meaningless stuff. The raid is business and the show must go on and all that. And ‘go on’ it has The group is quite experienced and well balanced and for the last few weeks we have had the same crew each time. That helps a LOT. Our own raid, Analogue’s and mine, has had issues with that, as her last post mentioned, and that has really slowed down our progression.

The interesting thing about running with two groups is seeing strengths and weaknesses and seeing what works despite differences. For example the Friday Saturday crew tends to do a better job keeping the magmaw adds out of the melee. But the other raid, who sometimes fails at that tends to get them killed faster. The strats we use cause this difference as a natural outgrowth. One has everyone stacked in melee. That causes more rdps to not have to move and they get their firepower on target faster and harder. But that also means there are more chances for someone to be too far from melee and drop a set of adds on the raid. The other group has more people at range. This keeps the adds one where they can’t get to tanks and such but it also means the rdps is moving a lot and can’t kill them as fast. Interesting differences and tradeoffs.

I love tactics. I guess that is why I like raid leading. It does get hard being in someone else’s raid. I have to bite my tongue a lot. I have to keep my interjections to a minimum. Thinking of myself as a fill-in actually helps with that. I can shut up and let them do it the way they want to. That raid already has a lot of ‘cooks in the kitchen’ so one more, even if I have a high opinion of my own ideas, does not actually help the strategy. At some point more inputs just muddy things up. So for me it is an exercise in just looking for those critical bits I think need mentioned, or else just the bits that apply to my part of the fight.

So where are we at? Well ‘raid 1’ last week cleared 5 of6 in blackwing and this week we came back, did 5 of 6 and spent a whole next night wiping on the end boss. They also popped over and after a few wipes got their first kill in the Throne of the 4 Winds. So right now both raids stand at 7 of 12 bosses. Each raid has gotten ‘guild raid first kills’ on 4 bosses. The Friday-Saturday crew got got first kills on Halfus, Omnomnomitron, the 3 wind bosses, and the twin dragons. The Sunday-Monday crew has took first on Magmaw, Maloriac, Chimeron and Atrimedies. In three of the four of those on both sides the other raid went in soon after and downed that boss.

As you can see we are neck and neck. It is great that this guild can field two progression 10 mans. Right now overlap between the raids is 2 people on a regular basis with 1 or two more swapped in on occasion. Those people are usually alts. We have many people with multiple raid ready alts. (I have been killing raid bosses on 3 of my 4 85s)There is plenty of cross communication of strategies as well. We also are coordinating what epic level enchants we buy so the both raids will have access to the good stuff.

Each raid has gotten down one boss the other has not so the guild wide progression is 8 of 12. We have made guild attempts at two others. So as a guild we have fought 10 of 12. Personally I have been at the first downing of I think 7 of them and for 11 of the ‘raid first’ kills if I remember right. We expect to get a minimum of one more next week, perhaps two, and there is a smaller chance of 3. If we get lucky we are just a couple weeks from fully clearing all 12. More likely we are 4 to 5 weeks from that. Also it is the outer edge of that before any one raid or even one character gets all 12. Right now the Friday Saturday crew is working on the Ascendant Council and planning to go right into Chogall after that. The Sunday-Monday crew has been working on Nefarian but is considering if they want to go hit somewhere else first. I logged off before that discussion was done so I am not sure what that plan is for next week.

What I am trying to say with all these stats is that we are doing great! Grats to all Crits and Giggles raiders and keep up the good work! If Bliz holds off 4.1 just a little longer we can down all the normal heroic bosses before more content is out. And we are sure to get them down before any new raid content is out.

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That Worked

How many people out there raid with their full perfect team every week? I envy you. I don’t know we’ve ever had our “perfect” team. Seems we always have to pull someone in. This week may be an exception; I don’t know. After that we’ve got three weeks in a row where Reversion and I will be out definitely twice and possibly more. That’s not going to help.

Anyway, this week we were missing our mage, the lovely Falahla, and Saturday her husband our shadow priest would also be unable to play. I started recruiting a guildie early in the week but he tentatively was helping out a different raid. He promised to keep me posted. And one of our semi-regulars would be available Saturday but not Friday so at least that was one slot filled.

Friday rolled around and I asked Repgrind to make sure that either we got the warlock or someone else – because I was going to be over in the next town standing in line for an ipad. I’d be back before raid time, but maybe not in time to find our tenth man. She promised to help out, of course, and I set off on my quest without any concerns.

I get back and find that Whodowhat can after all! Huzzah! Lock buffs for me! But…. where’s our hunter? She logged off right before raid time…. I got into a conversation with her sister and it turned out there was some RL stuff going on. Ok. RL comes first… but now I have to find a replacement. We get someone and head to Bastion.

Halfus dies easily but the Twins take a bit. Actually even Halfus and his trash took us a while – yes we one shot them but things just felt slow, like we weren’t all really feeling it. I certainly wasn’t and I couldn’t identify why, but raid just felt off.

After far too many wipes  – I think 3 maybe 4 but I’d like to two-shot those guys, at most – we got the twin dragons down and started clearing toward the Council. We wiped on that trash, came back, cleared it, and just before we started discussing the pull, two of us dc’d.

We waited…. and waited. Nothing. Finally we gave up and decided we’d switch to BWD and do Magmaw and Omnitron. We got some guildies’ alts and went over. We decided to do Omnitrom first; it took a couple tries. Then we went to Magmaw, wiped, and we were past quitting time so we disbanded. A bit disappointing, really, only three bosses down in the whole evening and no attempts on our progression fight but that’s how things happen sometimes.

Saturday night, rinse and repeat – again had to get a spare guildie in to fill a slot. Only… what we could get, was another healer. Empyrean, our new priest healer, isn’t comfortable dpsing. Kerick would have swapped to her mage but we really needed those paladin heals. We were bringing in a  disc priest and I realized sadly that the best person to go dps was me.

Probably I should have gone for my mage but I do want to be able to boomkin respectably, and there’s gear I need, so I just swapped specs and we started on Magmaw. The first couple attempts didn’t go to well; Empyrean was trying to heal our whole ranged group and it wasn’t working. So we had the disc priest come out too, and Kerick kept Logarithm and the melee alive. That worked and the worm died.

Downstairs to Maloriak. We one shot him, just like last week. Logarithm is an awesome off-tank and does a great job rounding up the adds. I never get healing aggro  from the giant untauntable guys. We did better on that fight than we ever had before because our setup was just a bit more AOE heavy. That was probably the only fight in BWD that night that I felt like I was really doing my job as dps.

Reversion and I had previously discussed strategies for what to do Saturday nights after Maloriak and had sort of agreed we wanted another look at Chimaeron. So we went over there. We ended up using a four healer strategy…. and the fourth healer was not me. Nope, we had our elemental shaman go resto and I… stayed boomkin. There were a couple wipes as people learned the fight, but eventually we got everything down. Reversion and I used our Tranquilities at specific Feud phases, we had two shaman casting Healing Rain, and just enough dps to get through it.

When Chimaeron went nuts and started one shotting the dps, I wasn’t totally sure we’d make it before enrage, but after the tanks died, he went after Grom, who bubbled and managed to keep his attention for a long time. It gave us the edge we needed, and he went down.

I am really glad we got that kill, but selfishly – it’s  healing fight, and we didn’t get it until a setup where I wasn’t healing. It kind of makes me feel bad. It was the right call for our raid setup but I just don’t enjoy dpsing, not when I should be healing.


We did a few tries on Atramedes then went over to Throne of the Four Winds to do Conclave. Had a couple new people so we had two wipes. After the first, I went heals and swapped with the disc priest. She hadn’t been there before and I know how to heal that fight in my sleep and we were all tired… so after the third try, when they went down, it was more a sigh of relief than of triumph.

It worked. It wasn’t the most fun I’ve had with this raid, but I did enjoy myself.

Next time though, I’m making Kerick switch. So what if the tanks die? I think we know what’s important here…

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