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The Pen is Mightier

Reversion suggested this title. I thought “We ain’tn’t dead” might be better but hey someone out there might not read Discworld. If so shame on you.

Anyhow. Yeah. Long time no post! Don’t blame Star Wars. Sure, we’re playing a little, our characters are a whole level… I don’t know. 26 I think. I like the game but it’s not keeping me from WoW. The kitchen remodel is a worse distraction, we’ve lost hours putting new cabinets up. They look awesome, and once I have the counters in… two weeks from now… the place will look awesome.

Nope, the problem is our other shared hobby/passion. (Not THAT one, perverts out there). Writing. Remember we did NaNoWriMo? Well, despite Christmas and cabinets and Star Wars and everything I kept at it and last week finished the first draft of my somewhat epic fantasy novel. And then went “ugh, this thing needs so much work”. Rev is my content editor/talent manager/first reader/co-writer on scenes that I am sucking at, as well as working on his own writing project. Our free time keeps getting taken up by one of two things:

1. Talk about something we need to change, add, edit, delete, whatever in my story, or his story, or some other story we’ll write later

2. Listen to Writing Excuses and lose all track of time.

Seriously if you want to write fiction – or draw webcomics, or similar creative pastime – go lose a few weeks of your life with these podcasts. 15 minutes long but when you mainline them you tend to realize it’s 11 o’clock at night and you have been steeping in creativity for hours.

We’re serious about this thing. We’re going to a writing workshop at a convention later this year. My goal is to have my book in a state where I can look for an agent this fall, and be working on the followup novel (I’ve got three followup novels planned….). And it takes time and energy I’m not spending in WoW or blogging.

But… where was I? We’re not officially closing up blog. Had a great time raiding this weekend. Some fun times with the guild. Heck, Reversion even drew on the whiteboard last night – a map for me, not a comic, sorry – so who knows maybe we’ll do more Corporate Raiders soon. It’s our two year blogiversary next month and I’m not quite ready to throw in the towel yet.

You guys may or may not find it amusing, but it just occurred to me that my main male character is a bear warrior. Metaphorically, anyway, he doesn’t turn into a bear or anything but it’s what the people in my world refer to his sort of battle magic… I swear being married to a bear tank didn’t have anything to do with it…

Seeya in WoW or out of it.

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