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So I should be qq’ing massively. As a resto druid with jewelcrafting as my profession, I got nerfed, nerfed, and then minorly nerfed again this patch. Not that the JC nerf is obvious until we start running around with lots of epic gems, but it’s the thought that enables the QQ, right? Ah well.

I’m not in a qq mood though. Haven’t been playing WoW super hardcore this week. We had to finish off NaNo last week and my novel isn’t complete yet. (Since it’s a fantasy epic, the 110,000 words I wrote in November are basically half the story. Yes, my blogging has been low this month because all my words are going elsewhere. Trust me, I made the right choice)

Still, what I’ve done so far has been awesome. The new five mans are super cool. My druid went through once to get my boots and a few VPs. I got my boots Thursday and when I did, made a comment about how Alysrazor had never ever dropped the leather int boots so of course she would now. Loved the five mans except the bit in Well of Eternity at the end when I was trying to turn in a quest to Illidan and he would not stop running around. Seriously, dude, get a Ritalin prescription or something. Ran the first two on Invariant and got her like 4 upgrades. She’ll be LFR ready in a couple days at this rate. The Murozond fight is amazingly cool.

Transmogged Analogue to a nice understated set. I didn’t screenshot it, but I know Repgrind did so the two of you who might care will see it later. I don’t actually like any druid tier except the Conqueror’s Nightsong Hood, which is the most awesome headpiece ever, so I’m sporting that. And probably always will. What doesn’t got with a glowing crescent moon headband?

Darkmoon Fair is cool! I’ll stick to doing that on my mage only. She collects pets, she’s my fisherman (and not maxed level so that fishing daily there is great!). The little minigames were awesome, except the shooting one. It’s hard enough to do as a gnome because you’re the same height as the counter and that’s before a Tauren on a Kodo parks on your head. Grr. The other games were great. Healers will own the Whack-a-gnoll!

And raid: Well. For about an hour Friday night things were looking really really bad, because an hour before raid time Rev and I had no internet. We troubleshot and determined the problem was on our internet provider’s end, and called them up, only to discover that they use their own phone service and so  were completely down.  Hmm. Well, we can always use guild chat to let the raid know we’re having trouble and to find another tank and heals, but since our disc priest lives in the same town as us and has the same isp, they’d probably be down two healers… which is not good.

Around raid time the internet started staggering to its feet, and after several dcs and much muttering, we were ready to go. This was going to be our one solid night this weekend; Saturday we were missing Kerick, Log, Grom, and Slice; I didn’t have a clue who I was going to get to tank for us. But that was tomorrow and this was now. I’d asked everyone to watch the first four fights and know what to do, so we went in and got started.

We one shot Morchok the Not Really A Raid Boss. I got to soak crystals, whee! Nice note to start the night. Went to the ping pong boss. Took a few tries – like, what, four? It really wasn’t bad. Then off to the oozes. We had the mechanics there right away, just had to learn how to handle various combos, and he went down too after a few tries.

Off to Hagara for some ice and lightning. I rather outdid myself with sucking on that fight. Our penultimate pull, I died twice. The final kill, I was dead… that time was just bad luck with getting bounced funny though. We did really awesome with the chain lightning bit. I thought that might take time to learn but we mastered it right away.

Right. So. Now it’s 9 pm, we have two hours left, and we’re standing around going “I dunno what do you wanna do?”

We ended up deciding on Firelands. We want to make Falahla’s staff still, and I don’t think we can ask people to commit to another night for Firelands clear, so we’ll just have to devote a couple hours every week to doing 6/7 in Firelands. It may slow our progression a bit but I am determined to make that staff! She’s on the final collect stage now.

We got half the firelands down, called raid, and went to bed. Came back Saturday, collected some guildies to fill our slots and went back to FL to finish the clear. We had one wipe on Alysrazor. And then she died and dropped my #$%&^#%$% boots. That are not as nice as the End Times quest boots. I hate you, loot gods.

We even made a few Rags attempts before calling Saturday early. Rev and I got to go watch a movie on a raid night! It felt like cheating or something.

Anyhow. TL:DR is that I love 4.3 so far, am slightly worried that the first four Dragon Soul bosses are undertuned, and my HPS have gone through the floor, but Kerick and Toxic can make up for me so I just need to get used to the new normal of me not owning meters.


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