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Raiding Wins

What a weekend!

Friday night we went into Firelands with the usual crew, minus Slice but plus Bocat. (link goes to her recount of the weekend). We had some long afks but got our 6/7 down in a little under three hours. We two healed the first four fights  – Shannox, Beth, Ryo, and Alys – switched back to three for Baleroc and I don’t remember whether we two or three healed Staghelm; I know that we certainly could have. Had a great night for drops, too. Everyone except, I believe, Grom got a drop! We even had not one but TWO of the spellpower trash daggers drop so both our lovely priests are now wielding a Sterilized Scalpel.

Oh, and Alysrazor dropped her mount and that jerk Kisara totally won the roll. I swear he cheats ;-p

Anyway. A bit more than an hour to go on Rags, a full group of people who know the fight – I was optimistic. Kerick and I were planning to two heal it, assigning our priest to go shadow and do trap popping duty. I do like having a priest do the traps; if they realize they are going to land somewhere bad they can bubble themselves and often avoid death where a mage would go splat.

We pulled about four times, making solid progress every time. Our fourth attempt we got into Phase 3, but not cleanly; still, they got him to 15% after I died.Ado and Falahla had a strategy for handling meteors that seemed to work well – except one time where we got unlucky and it changed targets and picked a melee just as it was being kited past. That killed a bunch of us and wiped that attempt.

We picked ourselves up, came in again. Hit phase 3 hard, with everyone alive and full on health. We had some good luck on our attempts; at the phase 2 transition I seemed to be the one to get the – whatever the flame debuff is you have to run around the edge. I seemed to get that a lot and I was a great choice since I don’t have to help stun the adds in that phase.

Anyway, clean transition to Phase 3. We handled the meteors, kept pressure on the boss, people stayed alive – we hit 11% and everyone was alive – we hit 10% and he went down. Yay! Crits and Giggles is 7/7, at last!

And I got the head token so I’m rocking a 4set now 🙂

It was great. Next weekend Reversion and I are not raiding so I’m really glad we got him down now. Good luck to the crew tomorrow!

I’ll have a screenshot and some blather about our Saturday night fun later. Spoiler: We did a bunch of Lich King content and many of us are rocking new rides.



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Two Healing, Take 2

So just before the nerfs there was a lot of whining and complaining about two healing versus three healing 10 mans.  I came down on the “Three heal it and make the dps work, darnit” side. It’s the crotchety side. I’m getting in practice. Only about 50 years before I’m on a  porch yelling at those darn kids, after all.

Then they nerfed Firelands and…. well… 3 healing is boring. Boring boring boring. Ok it’s still nice on Baleroc and Bethtilac but Shannox? Ryolith? Alys? Even Staghelm? Meh.  And I’d be willing to two heal the others. Ragnaros, yes, is tough but we started two healing two weeks ago to try to boost our raw damage output and guess what, we can do it. It’s insane and my mana goes away and people have to avoid bad stuff but it’s fun.

So… what do we do? Sometimes people are lucky enough to have a real swing healer who is as passionate about her Shadow or Balance or Ret or Ele spec as her heal spec. We’re not one of those groups. We have three passionate healers, each of whom has a dps offspec. Each of which says “um…. I guess I could go dps for this fight” and then puts out 10k and (in my case) manages to die spectacularly to something we would have easily seen in heals. Or gets distracted by healing frames and just has to stop and toss out a heal! Darnit! Because that’s what we do!

Look, this is how boring three healing is. Kerick said in Firelands last week “I’m going ret, you don’t need me”.


So really we need one of us to be better at dps. But then again, healing is such a delicate role; what happens if I designated one of us as the dps person, she gears up and gets good, and then 4.3 drops and we need three healers again? What if she’s rusty, or heaven forbid prefers dps?

This always happens, as the raid gets more geared and better at fights. There’s less and less need for the third healer. The nerfs just sort of sped the process up. But it is a real dilemna.

Takeaway?  Healers are whiny little punks. Take away one of our partners too soon we whine. Make our job too easy we whine. Stand in crap, we whine. Don’t stand in crap, we get bored and whine.

It’s a wonder our raids put up with us.

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Missing the point


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Murphy’s Weekend

Going in Friday our raid was 6/7 in Firelands.

After  a grueling weekend, we’re still 6/7. It was one of those weekends. Everything that can go wrong, did.

First sign of trouble was Log being out both nights, and Ado and Fahlala out Saturday. Missing a tank and two dps is never fun. But I figured we could get at least 6/7 Friday night.

Second sign: Thursday night my computer was showing signs of a virus. I started downloading antivirus tools and working.

Third sign: Slice let us know he’d be late. Hopefully not too late but we were looking at 9 manning at least the trash. Oh well, we could do that.

My computer got worse and worse but I hoped it had stabilized and had a backup plan before raid time. We got everyone but Slice in the raid and started clearing trash to Beth’tilac. My machine was flaky but I only dc’d once. Not too bad. We got to Beth’tilac and figured we’d invite Bocat rather than have an empty slot. We pulled – and I dc’d. Got back in. Healed things. Dc’d again. Logged in, was dead. Rev rezzed me. I stayed in this time until the boss was dead – and then dc’d again, so we called a break while I switched all my peripherals over to my laptop. Then realized that some of my addons were out of date. Just little ones like Vuhdo, DBM, and TidyPlates. Nothing big.

Somewhere around there Sorak lost power and now we were short a rogue. But hey! There’s Slice, finally.

Ok, the next few hours were a blur for me because my settings weren’t quite right and I felt like I was fighting my computer all night. We had afks that took forever. At some point Sorak got back online but was going to stay out and let Bocat and Slice be in – but then Slice’s computer exploded, so we put Sorak back in.

It took us 3 hours to get to Rags and I don’t believe we wiped on a single boss. It was just that much other stuff.

We managed a few tries. Didn’t really get anywhere. Well, we’d try again Saturday.

Saturday rolls around. I have all my replacement people in raid – but where’s the substitute tank? Oh. Crap. He got a job and can’t raid tonight.

Well, grats on the job and Grom, let’s see your tank gear. But that meant we needed another fillin. I asked everyone I knew, finally found someone – and Slice’s computer blew up again.

That was that. We weren’t downing Rags. We decided to go play in ICC and work on some achivements. A couple people dropped and we brought a couple in from guild and went off and had fun. I do like going back in there. We’ve got a couple achievements to get on normal, and need to kill the LK on heroic, for the next time we go in there, but as far as “ways to say we raided at raid time, while not just throwing ourselves into magma over and over”, it worked.

Sunday night Log returned and suggested we go try Rag if we could put our raid together. Well, Kerick was up for it of course, and Ado and Falahla would give it a try… Bocat was on, and a few guildies willing to help. At almost the last minute Kisara showed up so it wasn’t a bad group. We only had an hour and  a half, had one person who hadn’t seen the fight and two who hadn’t seen it with us, but hey.

We did some great pulls, two healing the whole time. I think we got some good practice in and I’m glad the raid isn’t getting rusty, but with some of our mains out the attempts just didn’t gell. So Rags is still standing.

And if people will just stop seeing that Molten Core Rag kill and congratulating us, I’ll be happy.


Oh, right. So on the theme of “Murphy’s Law”. I ran Brewfest this weekend on most of my alts. I want a kodo on Invariant. Saturday I queued up – and got a kodo. On  Analogue.

Sunday I ran everyone through again. This time:

That’s right. Now Analogue has TWO kodos, and Invariant doesn’t have any. Sigh.

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