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A Raid of One’s Own

Right now is the perfect time to figure out your Cataclysm raiding plans. In a great raid right now, or you were in one until people went afk all the time? Now’s a chance to make sure that your fellow raiders are planning to come back as the same roles. Not in a raid, or needing a change? Start looking now, because if you want to raid early in Cataclysm you should be working on your plans now.

First there’s the RL concerns; do you want to raid, how much time do you want to spend, what times work well, and what are your goals? Reversion and I talked things over and decided that yes, at least right now, we want to raid. We figured out what worked for our schedule (no late weeknights, but then again the Nomster doesn’t go to bed until after seven, so no early evening raids either… and then there’s church to factor in…)

Decide what role you want. I knew it had to be healing for me, so that was easy. Reversion is more flexible, willing to play his hunter or his druid. I still love my mage but I don’t enjoy raiding on her the way I like healing.

Now, assuming you’re not changing guilds, look around you. Is there a raid already that meets your needs, and that you meet theirs? Jump in! Is someone else recruiting a raid that you think looks viable? Try them out! It’s almost always less of a hassle to let someone else do the raid leading work. But sometimes that just isn’t possible. Like us – we want to raid together, and we want to bring my brother in, so there’s three right there. And I like ten mans. So it was pretty obvious pretty fast that we needed to put a raid group together.

Fortunately we have a guild full of talented people and not all of them have dedicated raids right now. So it was on to the next step: checking in with the guild.

I would say, never ever start a raid without at least checking with guild officers. I went right to the top and started whispering Troutwort, who thought it was a great idea. We have one really solid raid group in guild. They are established, they get things done, they have fun. I didn’t want to compete with them, I wanted to emulate their success. So we found a raid time that wasn’t on the same nights as theirs – this is key, if you can manage it; try not to be head to head with another good raid. There will be some time when you need to grab a guildie  to fill a role, and the other raid is likely to be your source of very capable alt players. Also, you just don’t want a situation where both raids are looking for one more healer to come in, just tonight, on the same night!

Once you’ve got the ok, start making a list of possible raid members and roles. This is much easier to do if you’re building a ten man! And don’t leave this til the last minute. I did most of my recruiting Tuesday night and set our first raid for Saturday. By Wednesday I had 9 slots filled. I didn’t get the 10th slot filled til Friday – and we ended up having to replace one person on the fly.

Now, no plan of battle ever survives contact with the enemy, and your perfect raid roster is no exception. I approached the person I had mentally labeled as my healing partner, only to be told that while he’d really love to come, he was burned out on healing. He redeemed himself by suggesting a different healer though. Other people had multiple alts and we juggled around between what they could bring, what they wanted to bring, and what would be best for the raid.

Leave yourself time to fill in weak spots. In  our raid, the weak spot was obvious; my brother’s gear. He’d been in Iraq last year, his gear was ok for entering ICC – but some of our fellow raiders would be pulling 10k dps and we wanted to try heroics. He needed more gear if he was going to tank. Well, guildies leapt to the rescue. A couple of our raiders helped run through regular Halls of Reflection til that stupid shield dropped. Some offered mats to help make the really nice plate tank pants, or get his stuff enhanced. I cut gems, smelted saronite, we helped him figure out how to make his justice and honor points go the farthest  – and he entered ICC in much better shape. And then proceeded to get drop after drop of awesome tank loot, the little rat.

Then, go and have fun – but assess how the first run goes. As raid leader you’re responsible for more than your own performance. You have to call out the strategy. Even if someone else makes a suggestion, ultimately you need to say “ok we’re doing it this way”. Some of your raiders may need fight instructions. Some of ours hadn’t been past Putricide; my brother had never yet killed Saurfang. Reversion and I tag teamed it. He did the grand strategy, called things out on vent, and watched the tanky end. I kept in mind which raiders brought what specs and offspecs to the game, looked at meters, watched the healing, and kept an eye on the time.

The result? Our first awesome night of raiding, we went in and knocked out the first three fights on heroic, gave Saurfang a few game attempts before setting him to normal, and then killed the plague wing, Dreamwalker, and the blood wing. We made a decision to come back Sunday afternoon to down Sindy and take a look at the Lich King. Now, these were all guildies; most had run things together before, but not this particular raid comp, and we had not raided with many of them, so we were very pleased with our success. I think we’ve got our raid for Cataclysm…


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Pug meetings

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Happy Tree!

MMO-Champion is reporting changes to the next version of the beta. Resto druids are getting some attention (and it’s not a Rejuv nerf!)


* Rebirth now has a 10 min cooldown, down from 30 min.
* Swift Rejuvenation is now a 1-Rank talent, down from 2 Ranks. Now reduces the GCD of Rejuvenation by 0.5 sec.
* Efflorescence now heals nearby targets for 20/40/60% of the amount healed by Swiftmend over 7 sec, down from 7.5 sec.
* Natural Shapeshifter now also increases the duration of Tree of Life by 5/10 sec.

See that? See that there? Where they changed the cooldown on battle rez back to ten minutes? Now if only it doesn’t set off everyone else’s cooldown… seriously. That was the dumbest change ever, I want it rolled back. Please?

Also? Totally love the making my tree form last longer thing. I love my tree so much, I want to spend all the time with her that I can.

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Blizzcon Takeaways

So, we had a great time watching Blizzcon this weekend. Way fun, especially things like watching the Paragon live raid and cheering them on. Had a nice visit with my brother and mom too even if Mom didn’t quite “get” Blizzcon.


The most interesting thing to me was how well it worked as a showcase for the company. It was really neat getting a glance at some of the inner workings. As a software engineer, I could look at that environment and understand  just what it would be like to work there, and once again say nope, that was not the career path for me. I’m glad some people can enjoy it and make awesome games for me to play though.

I’ve never played Diablo, didn’t think I wanted to play Diablo – but watching a few clips and some interviews about Diablo 3 made me interested in trying it. It helped that I could look at the videos and immediately identify a class that looked fun to me (no, not demon hunter. Reversion  is the ranger-hunter-type of the pair. I’m the “giant balls of fire from heaven SET YOU ON FIRE” one.)  So now we have that to look forward to.

Ok, I’ve already seen half a dozen posts already but… Blizzard. Women. They have a higher female audience than most video games so why do they just try to screw things up? Ignoring/brushing aside a female player’s concern that all the women look like they come out of Victoria’s Secret… how about answer straight up? You could say “we don’t think they do” or ask for more details – I’ve seen confusion over whether she meant body style or outfit, player or N PC. It’s still a valid point and I thought their answer was rude, crude, and dismissive.

Then the tree form bits – it was obvious to me whenever tree form came up that there were a lot more women unhappy about Ugly New Tree than guys. So why act like “making a female version” of the tree would be so hard? It really shouldn’t be and if so, who cares? You guys screwed up and made a really masculine tree, and it makes us sad. I think they may be shocked just how many “grandma trees” there are running around. (And again: you called old tree form ‘grandma tree’ which I think is… rather revealing)

Someone asked during open Q&A how many women were on their team. The answer was exactly what I expected…. more or less none. Maybe some on the art. I could have told you that,  both from my industry knowledge and the results. You can tell from some of their decisions that there just aren’t women in the decision loop. Things that would just not get past a woman who was at all sensitive to these issues. Things like, oh, RealID. Or Super-Male-Ugly-Tree, I refuse to believe a female artist signed off on that one.

Anyway, I really loved watching and I don’t want to get all negative about it. Watching from home gave me most of the fun of being there without the stress and hassles and ack-twenty-thousand-people-must-not-panic sensations. I’m stoked for Cataclysm (dear hipster bearded dude types: ‘clysm’  or ‘the clysm’ is not a cute or hip way to refer to the expansion. ‘Cata’ is a better shorthand if you must use one in conversations). But this week I have to come up with my plot for NaNoWriMo, so excuse me….

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I love conventions. The fun of being surrounded by thousands of slightly-smelly people with the same obsession that you cherish, for a whole weekend. Knowing you can turn around and carry out a conversation with a perfect stranger that would be unintelligible to anyone not in the know. The wild costumes, the excitement, the swag…

Well, we’re not going to Blizzcon. Didn’t even consider it. We’ve got an eighteen month old daughter, jobs, no vacation time to think of, we’re on the other side of the country… wasn’t going to happen. So we did the Next Best Thing ™ and bought the live feed

(No, it wasn’t just for the pet. She says. That was just a happy… side effect. Yeah)

So this weekend it’s WoW, Blizzcon feeds, beer or margaritas, and the chance to virtually be there. My brother’s coming to town to visit and hang with us, and my mom’s tagging along so I can even ignore Nomster if there’s a particularly good panel on 😀

Yeah, it’s not as fun as being there. But we don’t have to stand in line, and we can watch the panels AND visit innkeepers every hour on the hour checking for a Hallowed Helm drop….


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My pit

Sorry for the picture quality. As I have mentioned…. the new version of the wordpress iphone app is totally garbage.

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