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Dear Totemless Shaman:

Do the math.

To that shaman and her friends who just bailed on me in dire maul for daring to suggest she should use totems, learn math.

Yes, yes, you were right, totems cost mana They cost it every pull! … well not. if you pick a good place for them then it is more like every other pull. Here is the thing.

If you throw stone skin people take less damage. That means… wait for it….. LESS HEALING NEEDED!

Yeah crazy huh? Yeah you can heal less and so you end up NOT being out of mana because it is a tradeoff.

Here is another shocker for you… if you don’t have to heal continuously (due to the totem armor effect) then you have some healing capacity in reserve for emergency… yeah, imagine that, wiping less, cool huh?

But WAIT… there is MORE!

If you throw dps buff totems fights take less time! And guess what that means…. wait for it… LESS HEALING NEEDED!

Crazy stuff, huh? I thought so. Also because things die fast there is less time for things to go wrong and people to die.

All that and you get 25% back when you use your totem recall.

So lets recap…

Use totems = shorter fights + more emergency healing + similar mana use.

Even if it DID cost more mana to use them it would still make the run safer and faster.

If anyone out there things runs are better without using totems please punch yourself in the head and then stop playing a shaman. Or, instead, read what I wrote and go do a few runs WITH totems and see how much better they go.

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A low-WoW-content weekend here, at least proportionally. I took (and passed) the exam for the lowest level of ham radio license. We went to the bookstore to look at books on electronics projects. Church, both sets of services. Went to lunch at a pizza pub and found they’re the local hangout for the Steelers ex-pat fans in this Florida town, so Nomster got to cheer for the black and gold which will make her grandfather very happy. Went to the beach, tried teaching Nomster not to drink the ocean, failed.

And spent a lot of time rassling computers. See, we had this great idea; let’s try LoTRO. We’re Lord of the Rings fans, we’re MMO playesr, it’s free-to-start, at least, WoW’s in a down time, my RAF time just ran out… so let’s give it a try. Hmm. My gaming rig, Peorth, doesn’t have enough hard drive space. Ok, grab an external SATA plug in device, add hard drives lying around from our last round of computer surgery, profit. Hmm. LOTRO doesn’t have a Mac version so how do we get it to run on Reversion’s laptop? Try Parallels. Nope; large black splotches all over the game because emulated hardware just can’t do graphics right. Ok. Try his offside machine, Urd. Urd has unpatched XP. Urd won’t install the version of .Net framework that the game needs. Ok. Hook in my offside, Belldandy. Find a long cable to run the monitor, get the wireless keyboard and mouse going. Find the Windows 7 key, register Windows 7. In business. No, wait, the sound isn’t working. Try new drivers. Try external device 1. Open up Belldandy, insert new sound card. Find drivers. Profit.

I played a hobbit Minstrel up to about 7 and had fun, then we switched to a pair of elves, a Lore-Master for me and a Hunter for Reversion. Lore-Master, at low levels, feels like a mage. Different…. fun. The world has a slow feeling, immersive. Reminds me of Neverwinter Nights somehow. I don’t see it replacing WoW but as another game to play now and then, sure!

And some instance runs in WoW with alts. My dk, tanking for various alts of Reversion to get them up to Outlands level. DK finally hit 60 so tanking should be easier now with Death and Decay. Today, a lunchtime run with my priest and his paladin, running Hellfire Ramparts. The XP is amazing when you’ve got rested and heirlooms. We’re going to rotate pairs in and out of storage, only running them when they have XP, and see how far we get.

And now the rumor is Cataclysm will drop November 2nd. Crap. We were hoping for a later November date. This is going to kill our NaNoWriMo chances – it’s hard enough to write 50,000 words in November without a Cataclysm getting us out on the wrong foot.

Things are quiet. But not TOO quiet.

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Likely story

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Dual use technology

Corporate Raider

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After a four day trip to the in-laws and back, suddenly I’m down to the last day and a half of my Recruit-a-Friend power levelling. Will have a finishing up post on that after I’m done but it looks like I’m getting a mage, shaman, paladin, druid, and most of a warlock out of it.

And then they go and set the Gnomeraggan events rolling! I’m half convinced we’ll see the pre-Cata events in a month and Cataclysm itself in early November. Heh. Reversion and I had been discussing trying LOTRO now that it’s going free to play, or the Final Fantasy betam but obviously there’s more to do in WoW.

I’m crossing my fingers that I can get my paladin into that Ulduar achievement raid this weekend. I’ve got to find a plan to make money on our second server to pay for upgrades, mounts for alts, and our Cata bank. There’s alt professions to grind….

Not to mention life. Why do cool WoW things always happen in weeks where I’m insanely busy? I’ve got work to do, unpacking to finish, catching up for our Bible study group, and have decided to take a test for the first level ham radio license Saturday when the local club offers it; I had to go find a study guide over lunchtime and I don’t know when I’m going to study, heh.

Ah well. Summer’s over; time to get busy again.

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