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*Warrior rolls need on nice hunter BOE*

Me: Er… are you going to use that?

Him: Yeah it is great. My hunter all can use it. Now I don’t have to spend 200g on the AH.

Me: That is fine but FYI it is considered rude to roll need for your alt.

Him: That is ok. I could not care less if it is rude.

Me: Well I was not going to make a big deal out of it but I don’t care for your attitude.

Him: It will not ruin my day that you don’t like my attitude.

Other party member: Well it IS considered rude.

Him: Like I care *starts pulling things without the tank*

The rest of us: *Vote kick!*

Me: Some people need to learn this is not a 1 player game.

Other party member: heh.

Another fun one this weekend was the group where I was tanking and EVERYONE else (even the healer) was pulling stuff. I asked them nicely to stop a couple times and then dropped group. Fortunately I had 6 or 10 other groups that were just fine. I did have to kick a couple people that were pulling 2% or less of the overall damage. Is it too much to ask that the DPS out DPS the heals? I have resigned myself to doing 40-50% of the overall damage as the tank but I have to draw the line somewhere.


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Saturday afternoon, The Nomster down for her nap and Reversion down too (he wasn’t feeling well) I got on my neglected paladin intending to post my glyphs. While hanging around letting Auctioneer do its thing, I noticed someone spamming trade for a paladin healer. For Ulduar. For achievements.

What the heck. I’d been to a full three bosses in Ulduar and always regretted not seeing more, so I whispered, told my not-great Gearscore, said straight up I didn’t know the fights but that I did know how to heal. After answering affirmatively that I had Vent (which turned out to be a lie; I had to get it set back up, had forgotten after making the Win7 pc my gaming machine), I was invited.

It didn’t really start that well. They didn’t give any real direction about the Flame Leviathan fight so I got in one of the two vehicles I know how to drive there, the siege engine, and fortunately someone gunned for me. Embarrassingly, I died about thirty seconds before the end. Ouch. And then discovered I’d left all my reagents in the bank when I went to buff people up. Double ouch. I went and grabbed more and we got down to business. The raid skipped the next two bosses and started right in on XT.

From here on, they explained enough to get me through – “don’t stand in this” – “heal this guy” – “avoid laser beams”. I beaconed people, spammed Holy Light, tried to remember to keep Judging light on the boss, and didn’t stand in stuff. We steamrolled boss after boss and I felt somewhat carried. The tree was healing about 60%, with me doing not quite 40% (shadow priest accounted for a bit). But they didn’t complain.

I really started having fun as we descended farther and farther into the place. Wow… I wish Blizzard had made Ulduar a Sunwell-style expansion cap raid. Like “Oh, you defeated Arthas, well now the Old Gods are free to be evil”. I Like the fights in ICC but the scenery is not nearly as cool.

Anyway, we defeated all the Keepers, getting all the achievements necessary for the drake meta along the way, until we got to Mimiron. We wiped twice before that I think – picked ourselves up, and knocked the bosses back down. But now it was time for Firefighter. And I wasn’t the only one to have no idea how to do this fight.

The first three attempts, the tank died ten seconds in. The rogue died even faster. She (and fun fact: half of us were girls! I’ve never been in vent with four other women before) wasn’t used to playing melee and kept getting squashed. It eventually got almost funny, as the tank survived phase 1 into phase 2 and the rogue… didn’t.

After an hour and a half we were getting into phase 3 pretty well, and then several people had to go. I was sad… even though I was one of them. But the raid leader told us to come back Sunday afternoon and we’d finish Firefighter.

I didn’t believe it. But I logged on ten minutes before the appointed time and he whispered me, told me he’d be throwing out invites soon and thanking me for being on time. And sure enough, there were ten of us in front of Mimiron at the appointed time…

I’d like to say Firefighter happened then. It didn’t. We had a lot of trouble with phase 3. There were two attempts where I died and screwed us up.  The rogue had yet to live through phase 2, on the rare occasion she made it that far. We got overwhelmed by robots.

It started getting better, and we got into the final phase once, then again. Then the rogue gave up – and switched to her shaman – and then suddenly we were all alive and it was phase 4 and the dps coordinated their attacks and suddenly

Achievement spam time: I think everyone there got it. Firefighter. Wow.

I learned a whole lot about holy paladin-ing that fight. About Divine Sacrifice + Divine Shield, about using Divine Plea wisely, about how to heal and move and heal and run.  I didn’t know how to do that on Divergent before. Analogue’s hots are so easy to throw while running, I’ve never had to really think that hard about second to second heals, fight placement, and where exactly the fire is…

So that done, we went and wiped on General Vezaxx a few times. The tree had to go and I got Reversion’s spare druid in, and we got the Vezaxx achievement. Still missing the second and third Ulduar bosses, we went and had a look at Sara, but after extended AFKs and peoples’ moms yelling, had to break agin. Sad paladin 😦

Except this group is planning on running achievement runs like this for the next several weeks and two weeks from now, we know who to whisper on Saturday afternoon…

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Corporate Raider

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Still Alive


So we started this blog on a lark and I have been a little surprised how well it has gone and how much ‘content’ we have turned out. So far there have been no signs of us stopping any time soon. Now normally I prefer to get at least one ‘content’ post out before I post consecutive comics but we both have been fairly busy this weekend. We do have several posts in draft form including another one from me on situati9onal awareness. I just have not had time to finish it up. So I will break the mold and toss this comic up to keep thinks moving…

Now I will go back to listening to the 200th ‘The Instance‘ and pretending to work.

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Punching the clock

Corporate Raider

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Feral druids have few options for ranged pulling. Assuming you are pulling in bear form you only have 2.

One is to use ‘Growl’ on the target. This is a poor idea. It does no real threat and it puts your only taunt on cooldown. It does have a 30 yard range though so if your other option is not ready and you really need to pull it works.

Your other option is Feral Faerie Fire.

When you get this:

Growl you get at lvl 10 along with bear form. You get Faerie Fire (feral) at level 18.


Growl: 30 yards

Faerie Fire (feral): 30 yard

Additional effects:

Faerie Fire does damage that is 1+0.15 times your attack power. At high level this is a nice little hit. In bear form it also does extra threat. These two effects make it a good ranged pull. Faerie Fire applies a 5 minute duration 5% armor debuff. It also prevents stealth for that time.

Growl causes a very very short forced attack effect (3 seconds) that is not exclusive.


Using either of these is very simply. You move to within 30 yards, target something, and fire. Then you wait for them to come at you.

Follow up:

The usual follow up is to wait for the targets to get close and then Swipe. If you don’t need to move the pack completely to where you start you might Charge when they get closer. If you used Faerie Fire you will have Growl in reserve if any of your party pulls one of the pack off you as the pull goes down.

Once the pack gets to you and contact is made then you need to do the usual follow ups of pointing the pack in the right direction and positioning yourself where you want to be.


Variations include using Line of Sight by hiding around a corner. There is also the ‘hit and run’ which is done by pulling from range, running the other way, and then charging back. Many other variations are possible. The goal here is to move the pack away from a specific area or to position the pack exactly where you want it.

Other use of this ability:

Faerie Fire is a highly effective tool for keeping aggro at range. Firing it repeatedly at something that is not in melee range can be used to keep agro on something you can’t move toward.

Macros and combos:

You might macro a raid mark to it… I prefer mine to be on their own key binding. Since those are your only two ranged abilities there is not much comboing you can do other than variations with charge or growl.

Risks and drawbacks:

All risks of ranged pulls apply. Mainly these risks are that your DPS or heals will do something to ‘pull aggro’ before the pack gets into your melee range.

Other tricks:

Here is a great combo for keeping ranged casters on you if you can’t get them moved into the melee. You wait for the target to ‘pull off’ and then use Growl on it. Immediately after that you use Faerie Fire. The combination of the two means you are now the ‘top threat’ for that target and have a nice little bonus of threat above the next target on the list. This will usually keep the target on you until your cooldowns for Growl and Faerie Fire are complete. You can keep threat this way even if one of your DPS is attacking that target. This is not part of a ranged pull but it is a way you can deal with casters when one is left behind from a ranged pull

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We are Terrible People

There’s been a few posts I’ve read recently having to do with a quest in Cataclysm that’s bringing up Moral Dilemmas. Like the Torture quest in Borean Tundra, it provokes a “but I would never do that/that’s terrible/I don’t want to do that”, but unlike the torture quest, you can’t skip it if you want a goblin.

To me it’s just pointing out even more starkly that frankly, we aren’t heroes. We aren’t even terribly nice people. Adventurers never are.

First, we ride across the country, blundering through peoples’ homes and getting surprised when they attack us. Why should we feel surprised when that happens? If some armed-to-the-teeth, spiky-shouldered muscle-bound thugs start running through my house and opening chests to see if I’ve got anything in them, I’d attack too. “You no take candle”, for sure!

Then there’s these errands people have us do. We really just… take their word for it that the kobolds are a threat. Honestly, they’re usually sitting in their camps minding their own business. Farmer Bob says they’re a threat, and he’ll give me some nice shoes if I kill them all, but it’s entirely possible he just wants their land for more turnip fields.

Worst yet are the ones where I’m bringing back ears, or teeth, or scalps to prove I’ve done the deed. Warding off a threat is one thing. Stopping and taking trophies? That’s when we’re approaching serial killer status….

Not convinced? Then how come once you’ve looted, pillaged, murdered and burned you leave the countryside and never come back? When was the last time you visited Westfall? How do you know your face isn’t on the wanted poster there now?

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