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Screenshot Fun: 6 of 6

Repgrind tagged me with a meme and I thought hey, why not.

To quote Rep:

I admit, I stole this part right off her page.

•The rules are as follows:
•Go in to your image folder.
•Open the sixth sub-folder and select the sixth image.
Profit! Publish.
•Challenge six more saps and link to them.


Ok, first, the screenshot. I don’t have subfolders and the 6th picture in the main folder happens to be the image I posted yesterday so I switched to List View, went to the 6th column, and picked the 6th image down.



Aww! I think this is from Rev and my first kill of Lich King. Damn I miss my tree form. I love being a tree and I never get to appreciate it any more.


Crud I’m supposed to tag people and, er, Rep took everyone.

Ok I’ll cheat and tag Bocat, Slice, Grom, because if they haven’t done it yet they can claim we both tagged ‘em. And they should post two screenshots because then it counts as six. Or something.



One in every crowd


Love in the Air


What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than by acquiring a pair of hideously pink birds and posing atop Stormwind?  Too bad we didn’t get a Love Rocket but hey at least I got the Toxic Wasteling drop!

Many thanks to Troutwort for making us so stylish. Yes, Crits and Giggles has holiday-coordinating tabards. The Love Is In The Air ones are always fantastic.

Oh and what makes this an actually romantic picture is that I was going to be short on tokens to get the mount yesterday but Rev farmed me up a couple bracelets so I could turn in. Yay!


Should have tagged it


2 gud 2 b tru


Still alive



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