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Crits and Giggles did TOGC 10 man last night. We had no deaths.  I think the longest fight was the faction champs. Kerick and I two healed it and probably either of us could have solo healed, though someone might have died. On Faction Champs, I did almost nothing but Wild Growth and dispels. I won the Dispel meter on that fight handily, by leaving Kerick sheeped for a good twenty seconds. Hee hee.

It took longer to explain Anub than to kill him. We pushed it over to third phase in about twenty seconds. No burrow phase at all. It took a while in P3 because we all had so much health! But again, easy kill.

After that we went and did OS-3D. For a while we were running that pretty regularly, but it’s been a while. Now we hit it with 10 characters, most of whom were fully raid geared. Rev suggested we just kill the first couple trash packs and see what happened.

Well, Sarth wasn’t dead when the first few trash packs hit us, but he died just before the first lava wall came in, and we aoe’d down the trash. Again, no deaths.

I want Damnation, out of Naxx-25. Seeing how we steamrolled this I’m thinking a ten man should be able to do it….

Between our huge health pools and insane dps levels, old content is really trivial. Really, really trivial. But still fun! And there’s some cool stuff in the old places, we saw some really unique weapons drop.

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I have not been very talkative this week! I’m feeling ok, just distracted by things outside of WoW. Good things. Life is awesome. And it’s winding down to the end of tourist season here so we’ve been enjoying the great outdoors more – it’s more fun to take the kayak out when the beach isn’t packed with people.

Anyway. Friday night we went to Firelands and killed Shannox like usual. Then Beth’tilac – she went down pretty easy. I think we had to try her twice? The first time we had some confusion about getting the away team aloft. Or we may have recovered from that, I honestly don’t remember. Anyway, she died.

We went and tried Baleroc. It was our first week on him with Log in the group and that was an issue, because we’d been working with Log earlier in the day and he was currently sporting two tank specs and basically didn’t even have dps gear. No two hander, nothing. Still it was possible that the other dps could do enough that he could dps in tank spec and we’d still get it. We gave it a try, and got most of the way through before I let people die, but the math said we’d hit the enrage timer before Baleroc was dead.

So we switched to Log tanking but…. it didn’t work. Not a reflection on Log, but our strategy is basically built around Reversion dodging half the Decimation blades, and warriors can’t do that. Again, I struggled with my healing tasks as well. I just kept letting dps die when it was my turn to heal them.

Finally after several attempts, Log agreed that he should step out for this one, and I talked to Squishi, who was online. Squishi agreed to come help once he was done with his Zul-heroic. So we went and killed Ryolith while we waited, then it was cloes to end time anyway so Log went to bed and I got Squishi in. We smacked down Baleroc and called it a night – four bosses, one evening, and I got two upgrades! (Offhand from Shannox and my wrists from Baleroc).

Saturday night we were back and ready to start facing the infamous giant bird. Kerick and I are two healing this fight, so I knew it was going to be a stretch, but not how much of a stretch. Let’s see.

First, I am not supposed to do much healing on anyone but my tank. Ok… I’ll work hard on that. Second, I’m solely responsible for that tank. Ouch. Third, I can cast while moving, but that doesn’t make it easy. Oh, and the way I usually cancel casts by moving? That doesn’t work. Ooops.

I ran into fire worms. I stood in brush fire. I died to who even knows what. I let the tank die because I was accidentally healing Grom. I used Nourish instead of Healing Touch and he died. Bleah. I love my cooldowns but Alys has me wanting a real tank CD for the first time ever.

We got to the tornado phase several times, and of those, half the time I followed the tornados properly and half the time I died. Oops.

I don’t want to sound like a downer. I really like this fight, it’s awesome. Tons of fun. I just wish it didn’t illustrate what a bad raider I can be!

It did help me with my “diagnose what’s wrong” skills. People would die and say they didn’t know why, so I’d go look at  Recount’s death chart and tell them why. Sometimes it took some thinking, because the last piece of damage maybe wasn’t what really killed them. That part was fun.

Anyway three hours in, Ado mentions we have BH and I jump at the suggestion. I was so tired and unable to focus that I knew I’d hit my wall. And Sorak mentioned Cho’gall so we had to go do that too – ugh, yet another kill and he’s still never dropped that trinket. We did have both a Cho’gall and a Nef lockout with just them up, which is great, means if the alts who had those lockouts don’t get saved again we can do that over and over! Which I think Sorak is rooting for.

Occu’thar dropped mage pants, so that was nice.

Anyway, good set of raiding. I still like where we are as a team. We’ve had good progression for the last month! If we can just get fire bird down, we’ll be in good shape!


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Dear Hordie

Thanks for swooping down and showing me where to stand in order to tame that spirit bird. I was a little miffed when you tried to start taming it yourself. I had, after all, been trying to get it for 15 minutes. Oh, and a word of advice: don’t PVP flag when you are trying to tame a rare pet. Someone who feels you are cutting in line might scatter shot you, frost trap you and then tame your target.
Also I want to thank you for all that /spit. My lovable new pet loves licking it off of my face.
Have a nice day.

PS: Your name was offensive.

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Most specs have a set of glpyhs that is optimal. Sometimes you chose between one or more glyphs that are ok. For Resto druids, the proper Prime glyphs are Swiftmend, Rejuvenation, and Lifebloom. Glyph of Regrowth is a “gimmick” glyph. Ok every resto druid worth her salt swapped it in for Chimaeron, but mostly I’ve not seen anyone speak well of it.

What it does, is simple. If you have Regrowth active on someone, and that person’s health is below 50%, it refreshes. It keeps refreshing until they go over 50%. It actually sounds pretty good, then you start thinking…. how often are people below 50%? The other healers get them up past that, incidental heals work, how much good does this actually do? According to WowPopular.com, most resto druids don’t use this glpyh.

Actually, in progression fights? Sometimes people take damage and it just sits because the healers are trying to save the tank, or remember what else they’re doing. Sometimes I know a person is really low but I don’t have time to get him all the way up right now. Regrowth ticks are pretty small, but combine it with a Wild Growth and if the victim isn’t standing in bad any more, it can be enough to keep them going.

Regrowth isn’t a great spell to use. I’ll admit that. The heal is small and the mana cost is high. But it is fast, and if I get a Clearcasting proc better believe I’m using it. In a fight with high damage phases followed by low phases, I know that I can blow 30% of my mana on Regrowth spam and still get it back later. And that ups my throughput on the raid. If I were tank healing, the strategy would be really stupid, but usually I’m raid healing.

Just last week we were working hard on Ryolith and taking a lot of raid damage from volcanos. It was hectic as we learned the fight, and over and over I saved someone thanks to my auto-refreshing Regrowth. Cast it on them when they’re at 10% health, cast on someone else, keep going, save them all.

The glyph I gave up, Glpyh of Lifebloom, increases the crit change of Lifebloom. Which I have up all the time. So a crit chance increase is an obvious, definite HPS bump. But, if it’s not Tree Time, Lifebloom mostly stays on a tank. It’s a nice little bit of healing to help out Kerick and power my Clearcasting. But it’s not winning us the fights.

Glyph of Regrowth is unpredictable. If we do our jobs perfectly, then on most fights it doesn’t help much at all. But on progression fights where we haven’t learned not to take damage, and I am just trying to keep the raid alive another thirty seconds so we can get this phase down and have a better shot next time, it can really do wonders.  It’s very much a personal play choice thing.  I still might be fail for using it, but I’ve weighed my options and deliberately chosen this fail.

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The changes to threat

In reference to this Dev Blog

Woah! Did not see that coming.

I love this new change. Right now threat is BOOORING. There were, as of yesterday, only a few areas where I would notice the existence of threat as an issue. I mean I paid attention to it all the time but only in these situations would it affect my game play.

Bosses – Threat was meaningless after the first 30 seconds of any boss fight I have done. Really. After that if you are still having threat problems then you have messed up your build. Now I am not tanking Heroic raid bosses, and I am only 3/7 in Firelands but this has been my experience. So threat was meaningless on boss fights… kinda. If I had a threat problem at the start of a fight I would just blow Berserk on that boss and the problem went away. So I cared about threat, slightly, at the start of a boss fight.

Two tanks – If I was in tank spec and me and another tank were swapping on a boss I would have to throttle my TPS/DPS so as not to pull the boss off my partner at the wrong time. Now this was fine… but vengeance made this sometimes annoying or turned trash packs into a threat tug of war. While those situations might have been amusing they were not really intended game play. Two tanks fighting over a trash pack with taunts so they can get more rage/vengeance was kinda silly. Amusing, but a waste of time and sometimes a deadly distraction.

AOE – Yeah, sometimes people would pull off me in an AOE heavy situation. It was minor. It caused me to be better at taunting mobs back but it was really not that INTERESTING or fun. If Bliz finds this new change makes AOE threat too easy they should nerf tank AOE damage again.

DPS on the wrong target – Yeah, this was the biggest source of issues. But it was still not that big a deal. And I know 5x versus 3x will still not save an undergeared tank from an overgeared person on the wrong target. So this situation might be somewhat easier now but it is not going away.

Shooting things before they reach my melee range – Yeah again. This is still not changing with the new system.

Now all tanks might not have the same experience. I have known some to complain about people pulling off them early in a fight. I don’t complain about that. I see it is a personal failure if I let that happen so I darn sure am not going to whine about it. It is really not that hard to prevent right now. You don’t pull with a taunt, you open up with your best hits, you use DPS cooldowns early, you taunt back fast, and you learn a really well tuned dps/tps rotation. That is it. It works for warriors and bears, which are the only tanks I have played, and the other tanks have more than one taunt anyway.

What does “harder” mean?

Is this going to make tanking easier? Yeah kinda. More forgiving certainly. So? Are there any other roles that will wipe the group if they screw up the first 5 seconds of a fight? No. Really. In my experience the two hardest roles to play are an undergeared healer with an undergeared tank and an undergeared tank with a party of trigger happy morons. Look at it this way; Tanking is too hard. No, I have no issues with it. There is only 1 measure of ‘too hard’. It is not the opinions of elite tanks out there on forums or blogs. The ONLY measure of tanking being hard versus fun is the queue time of DPSers in LFD. Yeah, there are fewer morons out there trying to tank pugs but there are also 45 minute DPS queues.

Look, any hardcore raid tank can tell you the real measure of a tank is doing the fight mechanics and using their mitigation right. Threat is BASIC. Nerfing threat does not nerf the really hard parts of tanking. This is only making it easier for people to START tanking. It is not making it easier for them to get really good at it.

Now these ideas for upcoming changes to the mitigation moves and resource use… very interesting. That could put some nice challenge back the tanking. But it could put it back in a way that does not scare off new tanks too fast. I look forward to seeing what they do with it.

Update (1 ay after)

Last night I ran with a guild alt run in BWD. I can say for certain anyone that thinks threat is being phased out, or that this is some HUGE change in mechanics is wrong. Threat works like it always has. I was on a high dps hunter and outgeared a lot of the other people there. If I picked the ‘wrong’ target and dropped the hammer hard and early I would pull off the tank and they would have a heck of a time getting the target back. (Sry guys, I was doing that For Science!)

Threat dumps, forced attacks, taunts. They all worked the same as before. They all ‘feel’ the same as before. The only thing that changed is now tanks have a roughly 60% easier time picking up and holding threat. That is all. Nothing to see here. Move along!

This is NICE. Now I have the option of, instead of blowing MD on every pull, just counting to three before dropping the hammer. And even doing that I sometimes had to FD. Much less than before though. As Ghostcrawler pointed out being forced to use threat reduction as a part of SOP (standard operating procedure) is not fun game play. If I wanted to blow dps cooldowns on the pull, or open up before a boss was positioned I had to use MD, same as always. This just really isn’t that big a change. It is, if anything, just a step back toward where things were in Wrath.

They did not remove threat. Seriously, they didn’t.

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First off, it’s so nice to finally have a pool of raiders with enough redundancy that I don’t run around in panic when Log has duty weekend. It’s going to be hard making sure that 12 people get enough raid time, but if the alternates aren’t getting enough play time we’ll make some changes. I finally have backup for every role! Now, if we’re missing a healer AND an rdps AND a tank, then we might have issues, but…

So Friday we went to Firelands. We killed our trash like pros. We had three wipes on Shannox and then killed him. Then we had a choice. We could go do Baleroc again, or we could do Beth’tilac and then attempt Ryolith, skipping Baleroc. We’d taken 25 tries the week before to get him down, we had a healer who hadn’t been there…. I was really leaning toward skipping him and going after another new fight.

Reversion pointed out that we need to keep downing fights we know so they can be on farm status for us. If we put off killing Baleroc again for a month we’d have lost all the knowledge we had of how to do the fight. I definitely saw his point… but I so wanted to get another boss down. The picture up top is what I imagine our raid was thinking. Usually we do a better job of blending our raid leading roles.

Anyway so we went to Baleroc. And two shot it. Reversion was definitely right :)

Then we went to Beth’tilac. We’d done four pulls on her about three weeks ago, that was it. We changed things up a bit from our last attempts – Reversion stayed down to tank the drone, Kerick went up to heal the tank, and I stayed down to work my druid awesomeness on the raid. We had a good attempt, but the raid damage was high, so Ado instructed people to be sure to taunt down the adds. Did another attempt, adds were better but still a lot of damage, so we swapped who was going up for dps and kept the mage we’d been sending, downstairs.

Next attempt was really good, so we kept the strategy and pulled again. This time the adds died awesomely and we made it into phase 2 for the first time ever – and next thing I know she’s dead. I just barely got my head out of the “aaahhhh new phase what do I DO?” mode when boom, dead. Nice job raid!

Then we went to Ryolith and spend the next hour, four hours the next night, and two hours Sunday wiping on him. Stupid volcanos. But you will go down, you monstrous…. thing…. you!

And then we get to play with a big bird. I watched a vid. I’m psyched.

I am loving how our raid is gelling. When Rev and I decided to start a raid, it was because we wanted to see new content before it was old content. About all we really hoped for was a solid group that could down things. Instead, I’ve got an awesome group of friends who can surprise me even now with awesomeness. I know some of the raiders better than others, but I consider all of you my friends. Heck I actually have a “real” friend right here in town now because of this raid, and that’s just too awesome to contemplate.

Oh wait. I take that back. Log’s not my friend, he’s my brother. And Reversion probably doesn’t want me to put him in the “friends” zone either :)

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The other main guild raid, usually called ‘Raid 1’, packed it in last night. They had been having some bad luck and frustration and the raid leader had enough. I will not say more on that either to speculate or analyze because it is but not my place and also I don’t have any details anyway. I only mention it at all because we have a lot of guildies that drop by here so it is a relevant news item.

Personally it does make me think of a few things. First off it probably means the guild will lose a few raiders. That is a shame. But if someone wants to raid they have to go where the raiding is. We have a lot of good raiders in this guild and only a few of them are actively in our Fri/Sat run. That brings my thoughts around to a second point. That point is that this guild can still support another raid or two. There was/is also another Friday Saturday run but it has a lot of the same raiders as the Sun/Mon group so I don’t know what the status of it is. No I am not speculating, I just don’t know. But even aside from that group this guild can probably support another raid. We will have to see if anyone steps up to try and run one.

This brings me to another random thought. Maybe we will start a regular alt night raid. Maybe on Sunday or Monday. We actually did run one of those last night… Well we started to and then we realized we had all but one of our people, including the two missing from our Saturday night attempts…. So we went back to Firelands. Heh. However before we went we dropped by TotFW and knocked that out which got Bocat her title :D

My final random thought on raids packing it in is how much can I help out or support other raids in the guild. I was actually in the other run for a while. I kept a whole geared tank alt set aside for several months to either run regularly with them or as a standby. I am sure that was helpful to them. At some point though I decided 4 nights a week was too much and stopped. There is only so much raiding you can do at any one time. So I am left wondering if I/we could have done more to help? Maybe. Without burning out? I don’t know. Probably not… but I do wonder. Also if another raid formed I might try to help… If they needed it… maybe. It would depend on the schedule and how I was feeling. Honestly 8 hours a week is plenty of raiding….. but sometimes I want to just pull out a DPS alt and pew pew. I have no real conclusions there. Just a few of  the thoughts and feelings that float by at a time like this. Alright that is enough random thoughts for a ‘news’ post.

For any Raid 1 folks that leave the guild I want to say good luck in whatever you do and where ever you go. And for any in guild raiders thinking about starting a different run I say go for it… but it is a lot of work and stress so be warned. I can’t promise any help but there are a lot of good raiders in the guild so there is probably room for another raid. I hope so. I don’t think I want us to be the only game in town.

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Fire Drood is for Posing


Analogue completed her Molten Front dailies this week. I’ve had Leyara’s Locket around for a while and I use it all the dang time. If I have to be in caster form, why can’t I have gear like that?



I like the flaming hippogryph a lot. It’s not very Druid-y but it coordinates great with my outfit.




An outcast after rejecting her peoples’ evil ways, Fire Drood broods pensively as the sun sets over Stormwind Harbor. Will she ever really fit in among these good folk?

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It’s been weeks since we had our entire raid group together. Before  this weekend we’d entered Firelands twice; once we just did some trash and once we did a few Shannox pulls but without Reversion there they just weren’t solid attempts.

Friday Log told me he definitely couldn’t raid that night, so I went looking for another tank. I got one of our dps to swap to his warrior tank, so all I had to do was fill that dps slot. One of our melee dps parted with the raid a few weeks back and that slot is a bit shaky right now. I have Sharelore’s great dk who comes when she can, but her work schedule gets in the way. And then Locklyn showed back up so I grabbed him on his hunter, but now he was going to tank.

I tried asking in guild, but after over half a dozen people, no luck. People had to study. People weren’t geared. People couldn’t make the time. And several people would have come but now that there’s another raid going at the same time as ours, they were already spoken for.

It’s perfectly possible to have two ten man raids going in the same time slot, supposing neither ever has attendance issues. Of course, when does that happen?

So we went to BWD and nine manned it. With the lower dps, and two afks where someone critical went off for twenty minutes, it took us nearly three hours. But just before we pulled Nefarion, Sharelore  logged in and we got her in. We killed Nef and looked at the time. An hour to go. Not time to clear trash and pull Shannox, not really, so we went to BOT and cleared that place too and called it.

Saturday was going to be good. I had an empty DPS slot again so during the day I hit up guildies, finally finding someone to come in. We had our tanks, it would rock.

Saturday night came, and one of my healers was missing. But we had BH! So I got a guildie who had half an hour to spare and we went and killed Occu’thar. Yay!

Then we went to Firelands, and as we started on trash,  Sharelore logged in again, on her druid. I invited her to come heal with us and we were set.

We killed trash. Things were laggy. We discussed our strategy, pulled Shannox, and Rev and I lagged out so hard it was like watching a screenshot.

The next hour was a nightmare of disconnects, lag, resetting routers, calling the ISP, checking addons, to no avail. I was lucky to have latency under 800mps and even when the latency didn’t seem high, we’d just lag.

Finally we gave up and went to Throne of Four Winds. It makes me so mad, our first decent night in weeks. Even with the awful lag we were managing the dogs and such well, but when one tank can’t move and one healer’s reaction time are crap, you just aren’t going to get there.

It took multiple attempts on AA, all our wipes were in P3. We had lag, we had people who didn’t know the fight, we had clouds spawning ahead and behind. But we killed him too and called the night.

It was a pretty awful weekend of raiding. I hope Friday night our lag is better. We’re down 4 dps on Saturday and I’ve only filled one of those slots, so we’re going to hit Firelands hard Friday and clear T11 on Saturday. With crazed dwarf hunter pugs from Trade, if we have to, because we are raiding two solid nights if it kills me.

WTB more fill in raiders. Sigh…

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Comic dump

Hey everyone. Rev here. I have not posted much lately what with business trips and all. So I thought I would do a little comic ‘dump’ to make up for depriving you all of my stellar wit and insight in the form of long detailed game commentary… ah who am I kidding. Y’all just want comics. So here are some. I have not been saving them up or anything. I just had some writers block. I hate it when you think of a cool idea but by the time you  think to write it down… the idea is gone. Curses! I am still trying to think of what to do for 100… yeah that is right, I am almost up to 100 comics! Wow. I always wanted to do a web comic. I don’t think of this as a real webcomic, and the strips are quite easy to do, but still 100 seems like a big milestone. I wanted to do something special for it but I am totally blanking on what to do. Any ideas?

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