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On the bright side


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Auto shot through the agenda


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It’s been weeks since we had our entire raid group together. Before  this weekend we’d entered Firelands twice; once we just did some trash and once we did a few Shannox pulls but without Reversion there they just weren’t solid attempts.

Friday Log told me he definitely couldn’t raid that night, so I went looking for another tank. I got one of our dps to swap to his warrior tank, so all I had to do was fill that dps slot. One of our melee dps parted with the raid a few weeks back and that slot is a bit shaky right now. I have Sharelore’s great dk who comes when she can, but her work schedule gets in the way. And then Locklyn showed back up so I grabbed him on his hunter, but now he was going to tank.

I tried asking in guild, but after over half a dozen people, no luck. People had to study. People weren’t geared. People couldn’t make the time. And several people would have come but now that there’s another raid going at the same time as ours, they were already spoken for.

It’s perfectly possible to have two ten man raids going in the same time slot, supposing neither ever has attendance issues. Of course, when does that happen?

So we went to BWD and nine manned it. With the lower dps, and two afks where someone critical went off for twenty minutes, it took us nearly three hours. But just before we pulled Nefarion, Sharelore  logged in and we got her in. We killed Nef and looked at the time. An hour to go. Not time to clear trash and pull Shannox, not really, so we went to BOT and cleared that place too and called it.

Saturday was going to be good. I had an empty DPS slot again so during the day I hit up guildies, finally finding someone to come in. We had our tanks, it would rock.

Saturday night came, and one of my healers was missing. But we had BH! So I got a guildie who had half an hour to spare and we went and killed Occu’thar. Yay!

Then we went to Firelands, and as we started on trash,  Sharelore logged in again, on her druid. I invited her to come heal with us and we were set.

We killed trash. Things were laggy. We discussed our strategy, pulled Shannox, and Rev and I lagged out so hard it was like watching a screenshot.

The next hour was a nightmare of disconnects, lag, resetting routers, calling the ISP, checking addons, to no avail. I was lucky to have latency under 800mps and even when the latency didn’t seem high, we’d just lag.

Finally we gave up and went to Throne of Four Winds. It makes me so mad, our first decent night in weeks. Even with the awful lag we were managing the dogs and such well, but when one tank can’t move and one healer’s reaction time are crap, you just aren’t going to get there.

It took multiple attempts on AA, all our wipes were in P3. We had lag, we had people who didn’t know the fight, we had clouds spawning ahead and behind. But we killed him too and called the night.

It was a pretty awful weekend of raiding. I hope Friday night our lag is better. We’re down 4 dps on Saturday and I’ve only filled one of those slots, so we’re going to hit Firelands hard Friday and clear T11 on Saturday. With crazed dwarf hunter pugs from Trade, if we have to, because we are raiding two solid nights if it kills me.

WTB more fill in raiders. Sigh…

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Something is Omnomed either way


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Can’t please everyone


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Comic dump

Hey everyone. Rev here. I have not posted much lately what with business trips and all. So I thought I would do a little comic ‘dump’ to make up for depriving you all of my stellar wit and insight in the form of long detailed game commentary… ah who am I kidding. Y’all just want comics. So here are some. I have not been saving them up or anything. I just had some writers block. I hate it when you think of a cool idea but by the time you  think to write it down… the idea is gone. Curses! I am still trying to think of what to do for 100… yeah that is right, I am almost up to 100 comics! Wow. I always wanted to do a web comic. I don’t think of this as a real webcomic, and the strips are quite easy to do, but still 100 seems like a big milestone. I wanted to do something special for it but I am totally blanking on what to do. Any ideas?

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300% Fail


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Jaded Alt blogged this week that she’s ok with not capping out her Valor Points every week right now. That if she’s “doing it wrong” as a raider, it’s ok.

Week one of 4.2 I capped my vp because I was bored and had nothing better to do. Week 2 I came close. This week? If I get any valor at all I’ll be shocked. Reversion got a little VP last week, none the week before, because he was traveling for work.

Today we leave for my sister’s wedding, and we won’t have playtime until next Tuesday night. That’s a whole week of no valor, probably no dailies. No boss pulls, and since both our raid tanks and myself will be at this wedding, no raid at all. So not only are we blocking our own progression, we’re slowing down the whole group.

Three weeks with no actual progress on new bosses is a bit depressing. But you know what? Life works that way sometimes and life is more important than World of Warcraft. If I ditched my sister’s wedding for raiding there would be something wrong with me.

Oestrus was the one who inspired Windsoar’s post  and she responded this week. I liked what she had to say. I’d say she’s one blogger that I have very little in common with but that doesn’t mean what she says doesn’t make sense.  But I swear, looking at her schedule makes me tired. Yeah, I play WoW that much. Why does having it scheduled out like she does look like it takes the fun out of things?

I wonder, people who schedule their WoW time and run heroics for VP on a  tight schedule, do you get annoyed with me when I have to afk for two minutes to change the toddler’s diaper?

Does it let down my raid when I let little things like our main tank being out of the country slow down our progression? Maybe if I’d pushed harder we could have gotten Shannox down. I didn’t; that meant the other guild raid is ahead of us right now. Heck everyone on the planet is ahead of us.

But you know what, I raid to have fun. There’s a tradeoff for me between the place where wiping on bosses is no longer fun, and where being super hardcore isn’t fun. Joking around with our raid and letting Log die is fun, but if we’re still wiping on Shannox three weeks from now, it’s not going to be as much fun. Before we get to that point I’ll have re-evaluated my tradeoffs.  Probably I’ll work harder on getting VP, and getting other raiders to come along for their own. Might even schedule some runs for us.

So. I’m going to try to spend the next few days not thinking about raid, or work (ugh don’t think about work) or the state of the house when we come back to it. I’m going to enjoy myself.

And I’m going to look like a pumpkin. Seriously. Four bridesmaids and I’m the ONLY one in orange. What the heck is up with that?

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I’m not the only one who encountered a bug yesterday when going to help out the druids of the Talon: the guy who was supposed to clear a path through the flame never arrived. I stared at the flame, wondering. Nope, can’t walk through it on my own and even if I chain-die, will it do me any good?

Note: Be on the quest when you’re doing this! I don’t know if you can get the other dailies without doing this one, or not.

Ado showed me a path through the flames. You start over on the right and look for the line of lava on the ground. Follow it up to a little hill on the extreme right. Wait there and heal and damage you took. Then follow the lava you can see from there to the next safe spot. From that safe spot, there’s a path through the flames. It’s hard to see but to your left there’s a gap.

Or die and corpse jump. It doesn’t matter, just get to the area in the middle where there’s no fire and a big elemental. Heal up. Kill the elemental. He’ll do his thing and knock you into the caverns and you get credit for finishing the quest. Continue doing your dailies like normal. And when you’re done the flames will be clear so you can get back out without dying.

I hope Blizzard fixes this but for now you CAN get your extra marks, fellow Druid-fans. And you did go Druid of the Talon, right? Because they’re so much cooler than those Warden people. (Just kidding. My mage is doing that set right now).

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