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Filling Dead Air

In radio, the one thing you don’t want is “dead air” – nobody talking. It makes people change channels. In blogging, is no post better than a stupid one? I don’t actually know.

We’ve been in a holding pattern the last few days. I’ve been under the weather, not literally like my northern guildies, but metaphorically, dealing with flu. We’ve got raid night tonight and tomorrow so I’m excited for that but so far this week – another Baradin Hold bosskill, yawn. A couple random heroics. My T11 2 piece set bonus – achieved last night – coolness. It’s feeling very mid winter, that quiet stretch of time between Christmas and spring where you just hang out and exist.

Our guild is running a fishing contest – http://crittys.wordpress.com/ – and I’m falling further behind the leaders (fishing on my mage, Invariant) but having fun. If we haven’t got the fish achievement yet it should fall shortly, and then, fish feasts for all! Lokicat, you’re insane though; 1,500 fish in four days? Yikes!

I love our guild. So much – the last four months of WoW have been so awesome. Moving when we did was totally the right call. We had time to finish our Wrath goals and jump into Cataclysm fresh off the start. A lot of bloggers seem to be going through the guild drama/raid drama/WoW goals drama that we knew would come for us at the start of Cata if we didn’t move. I just want to urge anyone who is hesitant, make the move to that guild or server you’ve been considering now.  The expansion is still young, conquer it with people you want to be with!

And we’re coming up on our first bloggiversary here in two weeks.  We’ll probably have some retrospective type posts then but wow, what a ride. Totally didn’t see this coming when we started!

Have a great weekend, y’all. Us? We have to figure out how to balance Raid Night with Reversion’s birthday tomorrow; tradition calls for lobster, but raid night commitments mean we have to be back before 7… ah well, with Nomster, the romantic dinners tend to be a bit more practical and less candlelit anyway :)

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Corporate Raider

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Once And Future Raid

Sunday afternoon we put together a group of guildies and went to ICC.

“Wait,” you might say. “ICC? That’s old content! Bah, casuals!”

Well, yes, it is old content but there’s a lot of people who never did kill Arthas. And we had our eyes on the prize; a shiny title for killing Arthas on heroic, and that darn Frostbrood Vanquisher mount. It sure is one sexy dragon…

So after a little while to convince people to come, wait for them to get out of heroics, find someone capable of off tanking, we were off. We summonsed those who were lagging behind and off we went. Reversion said at the outset, “As long as we take these fights serious, they’ll be a cakewalk. If we treat them like a cakewalk, we’ll wipe.” So we explained each fight – we had several people who didn’t know the fights, didn’t know them on heroic, didn’t remember them any more, you get the picture – and if we were trying to do an achievement as well as the heroic mode, told people that strategy. For many of the fights we did do both at once. Other fights were just too much of a pain; Lady Deathwhisper’s achievement we left for another time and a couple we screwed up, like Boned! and Portal Jockey.

It was really sad to see the epic purple shiny loots drop and be useless now, incidentally.

Three hours in and we faced down Sindragosa, having wiped only on the Princes and then only because the off tank didn’t realize who he was tanking. But Sindy has always been harder, we had one person who wasn’t in vent and about four who didn’t know the fight at all..

First try we got a frost tomb in raid right off, boom, wipe. Second try we nearly got her but again had some carelessness with tombs at the end. We were close – but we were out of time.

We plan to go back until we get those drakes. It’ll take several weeks since I think we’re going to have to kill Arthas on normal for his achievement, coordinate getting people bitten or not for “Once Bitten” achievement, and “All You Can Eat” looks like a pain in the butt. Ugh.

We had tons of fun, it was a great guild activity and we’re looking forward to finishing it off. The fights are still a good time and you have to pay attention to mechanics at least somewhat – not as easy to cheese as BC raids are now – and honestly I would recommend it to any group looking for something a little different. So our titles won’t mean as much as those who earned theirs back in the day; it’s still achievement points!

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