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After a four day trip to the in-laws and back, suddenly I’m down to the last day and a half of my Recruit-a-Friend power levelling. Will have a finishing up post on that after I’m done but it looks like I’m getting a mage, shaman, paladin, druid, and most of a warlock out of it.

And then they go and set the Gnomeraggan events rolling! I’m half convinced we’ll see the pre-Cata events in a month and Cataclysm itself in early November. Heh. Reversion and I had been discussing trying LOTRO now that it’s going free to play, or the Final Fantasy betam but obviously there’s more to do in WoW.

I’m crossing my fingers that I can get my paladin into that Ulduar achievement raid this weekend. I’ve got to find a plan to make money on our second server to pay for upgrades, mounts for alts, and our Cata bank. There’s alt professions to grind….

Not to mention life. Why do cool WoW things always happen in weeks where I’m insanely busy? I’ve got work to do, unpacking to finish, catching up for our Bible study group, and have decided to take a test for the first level ham radio license Saturday when the local club offers it; I had to go find a study guide over lunchtime and I don’t know when I’m going to study, heh.

Ah well. Summer’s over; time to get busy again.

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